The Swimming Journey

As a parent it is tricky and we each have to decide how much (if at all) to push our children, or where to rein them in or stop ourselves. In this example we are talking about sport but I am sure it could be applied to a million things. I think parents are all … Read more

How to Dress your Kids for Less

gruffalo picnic

This is an endorsed partnered post.   Our kids are wonderful. Our kids are inspirational. Our kids are a real blessing to have in our lives. All true, most of the time. There’s one other aspect about our kids that also stands true. Our kids are expensive. And by expensive we mean the hit in … Read more

Secret to Healthy Packed Lunch for Busy Parents

healthy packed lunch

As a parent we all want what’s best for our children but sometimes it is hard to squeeze it all in. I know I struggle and I am able to work flexi-hours from home as my own boss and still find it hard. Whether it is making sure children start the day with a good … Read more

Bad Parents Perfect Children

bad parents perfect children

Is it hard to admit when you are a bad parent and your child isn’t perfect? Where do bad parents go for advice? So I was reading an article about sexual predators – about how hard it is for them to put their hands up and say – you know what I need help? Once … Read more

Kids out Playing Alone

Kids out Playing

Making decisions about parenting is probably the most difficult thing I have had to do. There’s so much conflicting advice and there never seems to be any right answers. Some areas seem to have more support for a particular method than others, but some topics are just an absolute minefield. Most parents just want their … Read more

Longer School Hours Shorter Holidays What a Relief

weekend box review

Longer school hours and shorter school holidays well about time too I say Michael Gove! It has been apparent for a while now that I am not alone in needing my children to be at school a lot more than they already are. I mean they are really at home far too much aren’t they. … Read more

Should schools dictate the rules

Today my reception year son has gone to school with a spare clothes and a towel ready for a water fight. Although he’s very excited he is confused about why he isn’t allowed a water-gun – you see it’s in the name isn’t it “gun.” I guess I can see where the school are coming … Read more