Secret to Healthy Packed Lunch for Busy Parents

As a parent we all want what’s best for our children but sometimes it is hard to squeeze it all in. I know I struggle and I am able to work flexi-hours from home as my own boss and still find it hard. Whether it is making sure children start the day with a good breakfast, get enough fresh air and exercise, learn their spellings, complete their homework on time, read enough, keep clean, brush their teeth, eat healthy, keeping them disciplined and not forgetting all those after-school activities – they all need a parent’s time, love and energy. That is why sometimes you need to rely on convenience – but this does not always have to mean bad.

Making a Healthy Packed Lunch for School with GoGo squeeZ®

In this case I talk in terms of the packed lunch. Schools are becoming more and more vocal about the importance of children eating properly to be at their most attentive whilst at school. For those of you like myself you may not be convinced that school dinners are the way forward: You may find them to be too expensive or you may just want to have more control over what your child is eating, so instead send them with a packed lunch. In a busy lifestyle finding something suitable and healthy that children love for their packed lunch isn’t always easy so let me introduce you to GoGo squeeZ®.healthy packed lunch

About GoGo squeeZ®

GoGo squeeZ® is a range of squeezable fruit and yoghurt snacks that kids love; but have all the good stuff and none of the bad. The company have been around since 1881 but only arrived in the UK this month (September 2017).  There are 3 yummy fruit 90g pouches (Apple Mango; Apple Strawberry (contains banana) and Apple) plus 2 yoghurt (GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ) flavours (Banana and Strawberry) available in 85g pouches. They are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and the fruit pouches are made from 100% fruit.GoGo squeeZ® range

GoGo squeeZ® are perfect for packed lunches or just as a handy snack. The pouches have a built-in straw so make them easy to eat without any mess. I often find my children haven’t had time to finish their lunch at school for one reason or another (usually as they have to fit in their daily mile) but with the pouches’ helicopter opening and closing it means they can eat as much or as little as they like and then reseal them. So now instead of yoghurt ending up all over their lunchboxes, or in the food waste, they can be kept for later – or they can even finish them on their way home from school.

Why GoGo squeeZ® is Good for Mums and Dads

GoGo squeeZ® provide children with one of their five a day in a way that they love. The pouches are really convenient as it all comes ready prepared; meaning that there is no need to peel and chop up fruit, with no mess to clean up either. The GoGo squeeZ® products are each in their own little pouches, which also means no need to find a tub to keep them in – all adding up to extra time for Mum and Dad to be doing other things. GoGo squeeZ® do not need storing in the fridge (until they are opened anyway) which makes them perfect for those pesky children who help themselves to snacks and leave nothing for the next day’s packed lunch (as they can be hidden elsewhere!).

GoGo squeeZ®

GoGo squeeZ® is available from Tesco and Amazon.

Priced £2.55 for a pack of 4 fruit pouches and £2.95 for a pack of 4 YoghurtZ

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This is a commissioned post.

I was sent samples of GoGo squeeZ® so I can confirm that children love them. All opinions are honest and my own.

15 thoughts on “Secret to Healthy Packed Lunch for Busy Parents”

  1. Oh, I saw these on your Instagram and immediately thought of taking them for after-school snacks but you’re right, they’re ideal for lunchtime as well. I might have to get some, my two would love them and it’s great that they’re nutritious as well as convenient.

  2. Sounds like Gogo Squeez is a good anytime snack – and how convenient to have it readily available in a little, easy to carry squeeze tube. This is great for the kiddos!

  3. I love the idea of healthy packed lunches. Wish I could get my son to pack a lunch. I hate school lunches as they don’t offer very much for growing kids and my son is always starving when he gets home. But he likes buying lunch so I give in and have the healthy snacks waiting for when he gets off the bus! These are great ideas and tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. My older kids love GoGo Squeeze, as do I for a snack, but my 7 yr old is so dang picky. It’s hard to find a flavor she likes.

  5. My son’s favorite snacks to go! He likes all the flavor and they’re really healthy and delish. I need to stock up more. Thanks!

  6. I used to make lunches quite often for the kids. Now it’s not as often but it makes me wonder if they would like these.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to ask them about this go-squeeze.

  7. My kids love the GoGo Squeeze pouches. I need to get them more often. I will put them on my shopping list – thanks for the reminder.


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