Second AstraZeneca Vaccination – With a Needle Phobia

I had booked my second AstraZeneca vaccination for a Saturday morning just like my first. I had done this so my husband could drive me there and back, and be with me. Early so that I wasn’t just being anxious about it all day.

When it came to the day I was actually feeling brave enough that maybe I could just do it on my own. My husband was still asleep and I hadn’t woken him up. Luckily he did wake up in time and said that he wanted to go with me.

fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine

Waiting to Go In for my Second AstraZeneca Vaccination

This time around there was no queuing outside and in we went. We arrived right on time so there was also no hanging around. I felt relatively calm. I think I was obviously upset when I went to the counter but in my husband’s words the woman just didn’t give a shit!

This felt really different to last time as the woman had been really caring. In fact she even ran up and told the person about to vaccinate me that I had a needle phobia. There was none of that this time.

Once I was seated I really needed to work on my breathing. Also realising that I had sat the side where you could look right down to where it was all happening. The queue of people moved quickly but I was able to remember which the person in front of me was. Coincidentally the person behind me I think was the same – as it is someone I know.

The Second AstraZeneca Vaccination

This time I remembered not to look down at where the needles are. I was already upset and was not really thinking, or able to communicate well. My husband mentioned about which arm (he asked me rather than just telling them). She was trying to calm me but I said I just needed it over and done with. Not to tell me though.

It was not like the first time. It was longer and certainly more painful. I tried to just breathe and keep still knowing that anything else would just make it worse.

When she was finished I just let it all out. I think I was probably hysterical. She rubbed my leg to comfort me and I think told me she was sorry. I do know she also said that that was it for a year! My husband reassured her it wasn’t her.

Again they didn’t make me wait in there and we sat in the car a bit. Still crying like a baby. Then I noticed the blood and made my husband take a photograph. It was tiny really but felt such a big deal at the time.

tiny spot of blood after AstraZeneca vaccination

After my Second Dose

Following from my second dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccination I got a bit of a headache. My husband thinks this was more to do with the upset as how quickly it came on. He bought me paracetamol and water from the Tesco we had parked at.

We headed off for a McDonalds breakfast and then I mostly slept. This could also be to do with where in my cycle I am and a busy week. Since then I had a very slight headache at first but nothing that wasn’t sorted by the pain killers. My arm feels heavy again but not too bad.

Fingers crossed that’s it.

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