Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List

dos and donts summer kids

With the Sun coming out it’s made me realise that I need to start planning for those long School Summer holidays. With my oldest just taking his A-levels I have learnt a thing or two over the years about surviving those long 6 weeks. Here is a Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List:


  • Have things planned. Not only does it give the children something to focus on/look forward to it, but it gives you a break too. I find there’s nothing worse than a child just moaning they are bored or being stuck on computer games too long that they are just snappy.
  • Make sure you plan things suitable for the children’s ages – if you have a big age gap then at least make sure each child is covered at some point.
  • Arrange to meet up with friends, or playdates with children from school – it’s a long time for them not to see each other and they will entertain one another.
  • Get out the house – fresh air, Vitamin D and exercise is good for you all and will put you in a much better mood.
  • Go and explore Nature.
  • Visit the Seaside.

dos and donts summer kids

  • Take a trip to your local theatre.
  • Be prepared for wet weather –stock up on recycling and craft materials.
  • Do remember the Sun Cream – being burnt is not nice, worse than that you could end up ill, or it could cause skin Cancer – not worth the risk. Try to avoid going out at the peak times, wear a hat and long sleeves.

dos and don'ts for the summer with kids

  • Do drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure you have plenty of food and drink in. I do not know whether it is boredom, extra exercise or the heat but they seem to just up their calorie intake. Also I think supermarkets crowded with too many bored/fed up/tired children is a nightmare – get non-perishables so you always have something to offer them.
  • Pack a picnic for days out – meaning children can eat when they are hungry and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Do look for money saving deals and tokens on your shopping.


  • Do too much at once. Plan your entertainment/activities with times to rest in between.
  • Forget to still eat healthy foods – fruit and salad are good snacks in the warmer months.
  • Don’t forget to make sure you and your children have correct fitting swim costumes.

Dos and Donts kids summer

  • Leave it too late to buy a paddling pool.
  • Leave school uniform and shoe shopping until the last minute. There’s less availability, less special offers, and too many mad panicked parents with fed up children.
  • Forget to get them slowly back into a routine before school starts. Starting with an earlier bedtime each night.
  • Dismiss revisiting places you have been before.  Last year we visited a whole host of theme parks including Paulton’s the home of Peppa Pig World and the boys are eager to return there again.

dos and donts summer kids

Driving to Southampton and back in one day is quite a lot for us so were pleased to learn of the Holiday Inn Peppa Pig deals which include:

  • One day entry to Peppa Pig World in Paulton’s Park
  • Overnight Stay in one of the Family Rooms
  • Award Winning English Breakfast

Avaliable at Eastleigh,  PortsmouthFareham Solent and Southampton

Other places of interest nearby include:

Go Ape and links to the Isle of Wight

Dos and donts summer kids

What are your plans for this summer?

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28 thoughts on “Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List”

  1. EXCELLENT list! So very much wish I had access to things like this when my kids were little. The only thing I would add–and this is a personal one, not everyone will agree with this, is to try to schedule in a few breaks for the main carer. It helped me be a better mum. Having kids 24/7 was exhausting to me so once a week they would go to a friends or a day camp or go out with dad and it helped me to just have some quiet time!

    What I liked about your list were the fun ideas as well as the practical. Yes, more than once I did wait till the last minute to sort out the school uniform… !

  2. We are definitely going back to Paultons this summer, one of the few places where there is something for all the age ranges in my family. I do find it complicated finding things that will suit a 2 year old up to a 17 year old, some great suggestions here tho!

  3. brilliant post – it certainly wont be long till the holidays and you need to be organised. i tend to try to do too much but am going to keep things chilled this year xxx

  4. We live ten minutes from Peppa World so it’s easy for us, thankfully! I bought my paddling pool this week, I didn’t want to risk there being none or a price hike as soon as it gets hotter!

  5. Great tips and I will definitly be checking them out nearer the time. I am hoping the weathers nice as we always love to go on walks to nature reserves and beaches, this year we hoping to go camping as last few years it was impossible with other things x

  6. Some brilliant tips there! I am gutted that we never made it to Peppa Pig world before we left the UK – there is nothing even approaching that over here, so I think we’ll have to plan one of trips back home around a visit. T would be thrilled! x

  7. What a great list, I totally agree with the paddling pool – we ALWAYS do it and then we’re driving around the supermarkets on a hot day desperate to get it home and fill it up! x

  8. Some great tips here. We will spending a lot of time at the beach this year with a lovely picnic and some cream. We also live near peppa pig world and are excited about visiting this summer.

  9. Great tips. I must plan more although my kids love being at home just as much as going out for the day. And I definitely like a ‘day off’ in between! Days out are knackering lol!! Love the idea of staying over at Peppa Pig land… haven’t been, it’s on the wish list this summer 🙂 x

  10. My girls have been going on and on about a paddling pool for ages so there’s no chance I’m going to forget to get one! They’ve very excited because we have a bigger garden this year so a bigger pool is planned 🙂


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