Let’s go Fly a Kite – on the Beach

 I’m thinking about money saving and environmentally friendly things for families. Such as days out at little financial cost. One of these ways is to harness what nature has provided – such as last week’s Bug Hunt.

This week we took to the beach


There’s nothing like a bit of sand castle building.


You may know that it is thought that our youngest son has Sensory Processing Disorder


That he needs a lot of tactile stimulation


The beach certainly fulfilled this for him.


We were lucky that we went on the day of a kite festival (how green is it to harness the wind by flying a kite).


There were some great kites there, and also a commentary and I learned a few things about kite flying – such as sometimes there’s a kite used to lift other kites up.


The really brightly coloured ones were easier to spot up in the air.


This octopus was actually my favourite.


and even Father Christmas put in an appearance


Of course this was the perfect time to complete the “learn to fly a kite” in the 50 things to do before 11 3/4s challenge by the National Trust.


At first we struggled, and tried to throw it in the air.


We tried holding it and seeing if the wind would take it.


We discovered it was down to how much wind was about, and once it had took the kite beyond a certain point it was much easier.


We moved to a big open space and then off it went.



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19 thoughts on “Let’s go Fly a Kite – on the Beach”

  1. Ah kites rule! Kitty keeps askign if we can go and fly one – it’s the simple things children love isn’t it? x

  2. Oh flying a kite. I wouldn’t know where to start…I will probably leave this activity for one with daddy.
    Thank you for linking with the #pinitparty

  3. OMG i am so jealous it looks like you had a fantastic time! (fab pictures)

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  4. What a lovely day that looks like…my spd twin finds the beach hard going at the moment, she gets overloaded quickly but hopefully she will eventually love it. Those kites are just brilliant aren’t they?

  5. What fab kites! A great day of family fun at the beach in gorgeous weather, this would be great for my Country Kids linky, thanks for sharing on Summer Carnival.

  6. Oh wow, what a fantastic display of kites and what a fun day out that was. I’d have loved to have seen this x

  7. I love seeing kites flying in the breeze, we anchored ours to our ‘pitch’ at the beach last time we were there and let it fly above us for the hours we were there. I think the photos of your youngest son exploring the sand is brilliant.

    Nipping over from County Kids.


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