School Summer Holidays during Corona Virus

The school summer holidays are really odd this year. It is actually the first time in years that it is truly the holidays because whilst we were home educating we had kept work going throughout, even if that meant just the twice weekly sessions with Explore Learning. But with our youngest returning to school in … Read more

Our Home Education over the Summer Holidays so far

boy climbing a tree with harness

Home education over the school holidays has felt a bit weird really. With their brother home the boys have seemed to do academic work much easier without fighting it – but I guess there’s also the fact that because it is the teen’s holidays the boys have also been allowed to play computer games more. … Read more

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts

The Summer holidays are coming around again (or are already here for some!) but thanks to the nice people at History Press I have a book full of inspirational ideas! Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts is a book with 101 Vintage Pastimes for Modern Kids. It is split into four topic areas: Outdoors & Adventurous, … Read more

10 Tips for an Active Family Summer

10 tips for an active family summer

My family keeping active is important to me. Whilst my children were not at school I am aware that not only were they missing out on their PE lessons for fitness, but nor were they walking (or cycling) to school and back. Neither was I. To combat this lack of exercise I made sure that I … Read more

Mum’s Summer Bucketlist #HealthHop

Mum's summer bucketlist

If you are an organised Mum then you may already have things planned to do over the Summer. But have you thought about yourself? Keeping the smalls occupied and fed, possibly working and keeping the house clean can be a real emotional drain. I think it is important to make sure you have plenty of healthy … Read more

Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List

dos and donts summer kids

With the Sun coming out it’s made me realise that I need to start planning for those long School Summer holidays. With my oldest just taking his A-levels I have learnt a thing or two over the years about surviving those long 6 weeks. Here is a Entertaining the Kids this Summer Dos and Don’ts List: … Read more

Why you should get a Trampoline

Hopefully we will see a bit of Summer soon and the children will play more and more outside. I think these pictures speak for themselves really about what good value for money a Trampoline is but I shall tell you a bit too. They are good exercise Good for counting – number of jumps Suitable … Read more

Which is your favourite season?

Spring @pinkoddy

As we are just switching Seasons I thought what better time to reflect on the different ones and their qualities. To consider which ones we like the most and see what time of year is the most popular with a poll. I do like Autumn/Fall with the leaves falling off the trees, wrapping up and getting … Read more