Which is your favourite season?

HalloweenAs we are just switching Seasons I thought what better time to reflect on the different ones and their qualities. To consider which ones we like the most and see what time of year is the most popular with a poll. I do like Autumn/Fall with the leaves falling off the trees, wrapping up and getting toastie in front of a fire. Harvest, Halloween & Bonfire night, taking the children out to see the fireworks.

Followed by Winter which brings Christmas, the Nativity, and if we are very lucky – SNOW, and sledging :O)


But that doesn’t do my eczema any good at all, and I get chapped lips. And the dark nights and shorter days causes so many people to be depressed (SAD).

Then we have Spring, the start of it all – with new life & new beginnings. I especially like to see the new animals being born and feeding off their mother’s – ooooh and it’s my birthday. Of course it is Easter too.


But of course Summer (hopefully) brings with it the good weather – and 6 weeks of no-school to spend quality time with my children, and trips to the seaside.


So which is your favourite time of year?

3 thoughts on “Which is your favourite season?”

  1. I voted for autumn! It’s my favorite 🙂 Sweaters, scarves, bonfires and riding horses – plus the leaves!


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