Tips for Swimming in the River in Autumn

bridge over river when raining

Swimming in the river in Autumn is rather different to that of wild swimming in summer. I started swimming in a local river a while ago when we bought our Stand Up Paddle Board. I only ever go to the same place as we had been with Natalie from Plutoniumsox Blog as she is a … Read more

Westonbirt Arboretum Autumn

Westonbirt Arboretum Autumn

If there is one thing that suits my whole family it is nature. With 3 boys of varying ages still at home you can imagine that getting in the great outdoors is just ideal. It lets them get fresh air and exercise (which I want them to have) but for them they have the freedom … Read more

An Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk @Pinkoddy

With a week off school and not much money, families need to find more thrifty ways of amusing their children. We spent a few hours just walking to the supermarket and back looking at what Mother Nature had to offer during the Autumn season. There were cobwebs And a bee and flowers and blue mushrooms … Read more

Which is your favourite season?

Spring @pinkoddy

As we are just switching Seasons I thought what better time to reflect on the different ones and their qualities. To consider which ones we like the most and see what time of year is the most popular with a poll. I do like Autumn/Fall with the leaves falling off the trees, wrapping up and getting … Read more