An Autumn Walk

With a week off school and not much money, families need to find more thrifty ways of amusing their children.

We spent a few hours just walking to the supermarket and back looking at what Mother Nature had to offer during the Autumn season.

There were cobwebs

And a bee

and flowers

and blue mushrooms

The children thought these looked very interesting!

We had been learning the letter T so had been doing trees – and what better way to emphasize this than to go out to the trees!

and to play with the falling leaves

And all the different colours we could find

And the leaves changing colour

And we even found leaves with thorns on the back!

And of course some were still green

And we collected lots of them up in our bags ready to do more craft

14 thoughts on “An Autumn Walk”

  1. Thrifty and every bit as much fun as an expensive day out. I am loving all that nature has to offer at this time of the year. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids and I hope you find plenty more fun like this during the week.

  2. Lovely photos, it really shows that you don’t have to spend anything to have a fun day out. We are loving the autumn colours and fallen leaves too.
    Popped over from Country Kids.

  3. wow – haven’t seen blue mushrooms before. Hope no-one was tempted to sample them! Thanks for your comment on my red ones!

  4. What an awesome way to spend a day off. It’s so memorable. I love the great things that you photographed too to remember this by. I wish blogs were around when I was a kid. I could look back and remember all of that great stuff from my childhood.

    I’ve seen purple mushrooms! Mushrooms can be an amazing find!

    Thanks for linking up at Eco Kids.


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