To Send to School or Not to Send to School – that is the Question

So the letter came today (with the wrong address might I add) to say that it’s time to decide where my son is going to school.

Now lots of parents have difficulty in deciding which school to pick.

With this being my 4th child and having 2 already at primary school then this should have been such an easy decision to make. Even with our 2nd son being one of the youngest in the year there was no question about sending him to school.


But what about when you don’t feel that your child is ready? Legally you don’t have to send your child to school until they are 5 (in the UK). And apparently I can even get nursery vouchers until then too. As my son isn’t 5 until the Summer Term that gives him quite a bit of extra time to get “ready” for coping at school.

But then he wont be going up with his “peers” – although he does seem to make friends easy and they are mixed classes. At some point he will miss a year as apparently children still have to move to secondary at the same time.


It may be a case that at some point he may need to go to a special needs school – but I don’t know that yet. He doesn’t have a statement either (I have just asked for one) and they can take up to 6 weeks to assess him and then a further 6 months to get one. I have until January to decide about schools.

So my question is – who else has been in this situation? Or anyone any knowledge/thoughts on the matter?


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  1. It must ba a hard decision. I only know what it was like when I skipped a year when I went to senior school ie at 10. It was bloody hard. I was sent off to boarding school in a big city. Having grown up in a tiny village with a tiny school, I wasn’t ready socially. I was smaller than everyone else and not very confident. It affected my academic work and my ability to settle in. Good luck making your decision.


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