Kite Fold

As I have previously mentioned, I’m currently doing an Adult Education Class in Scrap-booking with the lovely Amanda.


Here I am going to show you in photos how she taught me to do a Kite fold

This is in order for me to put little bits in (tickets etc) for Scrapbooking.

They look so nice I’m sure they could be used in a variety of ways – especially with Christmas coming up!


Take a square piece of paper and fold from the corner to make kite shape, do this on the other side too  – so it looks like the picture above.

kite fold @pinkoddy

Then fold the bottom up so it looks more like a boat – as above.


Next fold in the side so that it meets the fold you have already

Glue them down.


and do the same on the other side.


Finally fold over the little bit at the top and secure the back with a little tape.

You may also be interested to know how to fold a bag here.

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