T is for Tree

Regular readers will know that I’ve been teaching my son the alphabet (Letter Learning Journey). But since we’ve moved house and he’s started school it’s kind of fell by the wayside. I have been teaching him in alphabetically order and he’s been learning phonetically at school.


I think TREES are really interesting this time of year so that’s what we did.

Simply we cut out a letter t, coloured it in and added the leaves.


Then we made some trees. First we painted some toilet roll holders brown.


Then we glued on some cotton wool.


Then we painted the cotton wool green.




We really liked the results.


We then went out for a walk to look at trees and to collect leaves.

6 thoughts on “T is for Tree”

  1. I love these trees. I think my preschooler would have a lot of fun doing this activity. I have so many toilet paper rolls stocked up, so we just may have to do this.


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