Halloween Holidays

PYO Pumpkins

It’s been a busy old week which started off with me being really ill, this meant that I was not able to do much on Monday. Tuesday we put to good use my youngest’s visual aid book, trying to recreate the school day as close as possible (we even put in a milk break and … Read more

School Allocations: With Special Needs #SEN

It was an exciting day as the school allocations arrived, either by e-mail (in the early hours of the morning for the dedicated parents), or by post. LOTS of disappointment this year with some sort of baby boom and people not getting into their first, second, third and even fourth choices! But what they did … Read more

Tea Anyone?

I feel so much agggggh right now that I feel I could actually explode. So I thought right Tea & Sympathy is what I need – and it is Tuesday after all. That and I could show you my Tea Cup pictures I took. My first born has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is very intelligent, and … Read more