Tuesday Time Tunnel – 1978

Every Week I will give you a year and on Tuesday I will open up the Linky so you can share your post with each other and comment on what each other thought about that year. 1978 The Year I was born not only produced something as fabulous as me but also these other beauties: … Read more

Tuesday Time Tunnel (New Meme with Linky)

Welcome to Tuesday Time Tunnel Normally you listen to music, hear news etc and guess the year – Tuesday Time Tunnel does it backwards. Every week I will give you a year and you tell us about it. Whether that be Music, Films, Births, Events – whatever you want to share. Then every Tuesday I will … Read more

Which is your favourite season?

Spring @pinkoddy

As we are just switching Seasons I thought what better time to reflect on the different ones and their qualities. To consider which ones we like the most and see what time of year is the most popular with a poll. I do like Autumn/Fall with the leaves falling off the trees, wrapping up and getting … Read more