Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts

The Summer holidays are coming around again (or are already here for some!) but thanks to the nice people at History Press I have a book full of inspirational ideas! Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts is a book with 101 Vintage Pastimes for Modern Kids. It is split into four topic areas: Outdoors & Adventurous, Art & Craft, Rainy Day, and Science & Nature. Simply illustrated and not too much information on each page. Written explanations and sections to interact with the book/get the children involved. Priced at £9.99 this is going to save you a fortune during the holidays.

ISBN: 978-0-7509-6429-6.

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts – My Fav Picks

I will not go into too much detail as that would spoil the book, but below are some of the ideas in the book that I will be trying to fit into our Summer Holiday Fun.

Outdoors & Adventurous

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight FeastsA Scavenger hunt. I used to love these, running around trying to find random items, and getting back first. They would usually be played at social groups where a grown-up would have to take off their smelly sock for us. I like how the book has ideas on adapting the activities and the suggestion here is to do a photo scavenger hunt. These are popular on Instagram too. My 7-year-old is loving learning to use a Digital SLR more so this would be just perfect.

Build a Fire and Cook on it. Since going to Conkers the boys are loving making fires and cooking s’mores. As we want to start camping it would be good to practice cooking other foods – and the book has good suggestions.

Midnight Feast. My boys love trying to stay up as late as they can, so what a perfect idea with no school to worry about. Now just to decide whether they try to stay up until midnight or if they set an alarm to wake them up!

Other ideas include: Learn to roller skate, make a bow and arrow, learn to use a map, climb a tree and spot shapes in the clouds.

Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts

Arts & Crafts

Make a Collage – a great activity for using up any bits of materials and good for getting them to sit still and calm down.

Paper darts – they just adore making (and throwing) these.

Texture rubbings – we have done this before and they really enjoyed it. I think it is surprising the things kids don’t learn these days (like rubbings) and we just assume they know them.

Rainy Day

Make sweets & biscuits and have a tea party. I like this idea. We often have tea parties all year anyway – or lots of lovely picnics.

Make your own lemonade – I think they’d find this interesting as they just love mixing drinks to create new ones. I have actually never done this either!

Play the memory game – I think it is good to keep their minds ticking over on the long break from school.

Science & Nature

Blow giant bubbles – we often do things like this in conjunction with our paddling pool, just to make it a bit more exciting.

Vinegar & Baking Soda Rocket – The Sensory Seeker has been learning about Space so this would be just perfect. The older two would be interested in the science behind it all.

Plant a grass head – we really like trying to get things to grow and the grass heads are so simple to do.

Watch the sunrise – but not on the same day as the midnight feast!

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I was sent a free copy of Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts for purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.

29 thoughts on “Go-Carts, Catapults & Midnight Feasts”

  1. Ohhhh I would love to try them all! Make your own lemonade sounds great – I have always wante to make homemade pink lemonade to drink in the garen during the Summer!

  2. Definitely make sweets and biscuits and have a tea party – I love this kind of thing and my girls definitely would too! 🙂

  3. i would love to do the vinegar and baking soda rocket with my girls, i think i would have just as much fun as them doing it.

  4. Love the idea of this book, my kids are always complaining of things to do , I try my hardest to think of new things to try bet this would definitely give me some great fun ideas 🙂

  5. It would have to be blowing giant bubbles as my 2 year old loves them and we would just chase them until it runs out! 🙂

  6. go karting whohoo used to love it when i was younger and would still love it now although i love activities building a tent to exploring 😀


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