Why you should get a Trampoline

Hopefully we will see a bit of Summer soon and the children will play more and more outside.

I think these pictures speak for themselves really about what good value for money a Trampoline is but I shall tell you a bit too.

They are good exercise

Good for counting – number of jumps


Suitable from birth (well maybe a tad bit older than that but we used it like an outdoor playpen) to adulthood


Bring the family together

Adaptable – you don’t just have to jump on them


Good in all weathers. Building a snowman with snow from the trampoline ensures there’s no yellow snow!


13 thoughts on “Why you should get a Trampoline”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, so much value to a trampoline. Ours love a bounce in any weather. It is a great way for kids to let off steam. I have to confess to enjoying it myself. thank you for linking up on Country Kids.

  2. I loved our trampoline it was a huge 14ft one and excellent play value the children were on it all the time, but then we moved and it wouldn;t fit in this garden we did buy a 10ft one for here but it took up far too much space and the dog ripped the net so for now we are without one 🙁

  3. Between the trampoline and sunken sand pit the kids are in the garden for hours without a peep! Unfortunately the wind blew ours over in half term and ripped the netting and padding, bending a pole… as well as crushing the slide it landed on! Nightmare! Some ebay shopping is desperately needed! Best toy we ever got!


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