Christmas Bingo

I love how adaptable this Christmas Bingo set is and how much fun and learning it provides, across the ages of my 3 children (aged 9, 5 and 3).


My 5 year old has just started school and is  learning to read – what a fun way of spelling out the words to match them up with the pictures.


And how rewarding for him to complete it all.

There are different boards and some have the same pictures. I started by just giving him the pictures that matched the words board he had. Then he had all the pictures and all the word boards and matched them all up – identifying the ones that were the same.


We laminated the boards and pictures too. This meant that our 3 year old could have a nice game of matching. You could also play “pairs” with them too.


Then we turned all the pictures over in the centre of the table and took turns to pick one up (it’s a bit like the memory game). If you had a word that matched the picture then “bingo” you could put it on your square. If not return it to the centre. This was really good at encouraging turn taking.


We found that this was taking a rather long time so got into teams, and helped one another.


It was very exciting, and good for self-esteem.

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