Homemade Christmas Table Decoration

Honestly I’m not very good at this at all, so my photos really don’t do justice to how easy this really is and how good they look.


What a great way to recycle cardboard too. Simply cut out two identical circles from cardboard, collect some pine cones, added with a candle, some glitter and some artificial flowers/decorations – attached with wire.


First place your candle in the centre of one of your circles and draw around it. This is to make sure that the other bits you add on don’t prevent you from attaching the candle.

Then simply thread through any flowers, leaves etc, and attach the pine cones by using the metal wire around the bottom. Then secure them with masking tape, always making sure that they are positioned so that your candle fits.

You can also decorate your candle – I rolled my in glue and sprinkled glitter all over it.


Secure your candle and wrap around with tinsel (note in the picture the tinsel isn’t pulled down).

Then attach the other circle to the bottom to hide where all the attachments are.

This was part of the Christmas Craft course taught by Amanda Eady

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