Zero Waste Christmas

Zero Waste Christmas second hand cup, teddy, crackers and star all wrapped up

There are 3 main reasons to strive for a Zero Waste Christmas: Reduce what is going to landfill Stop rubbish affecting wildlife and Because people cannot afford to keep spending things they do not need Ways to Achieve Zero Waste this Christmas Cut back on your food waste Christmas is often seen as the time … Read more

How to Avoid Food Waste

fresh produce

One of the easiest places to start to reduce what you send to landfill is to start with your food. Reducing food waste isn’t just good for the environment but it is good for our pockets too. The Bacofoil Zipper Bag Challenge is a great way to really think about how you can cut down … Read more

Zero Waste Week – Rethink Your Rubbish!

Zero Waste Week Trashless Tuesday

Today’s Zero Waste Week theme is #TrashlessTuesday. This is a challenge for people to have a ZERO WASTE day of your own. Anything you cannot think how to recycle then carry around in a clear plastic bag (well that’s optional). But think about what the trash is that you are producing? Is there no way … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2017

Zero Waste Week 2017

I first took part in Zero Waste Week when I had 2 children in nappies. With 6 of us at home and I think no recycling (before the days of collections) I was really proud of our half a carrier bag full of rubbish at the end of the week. Fast forward to now and … Read more

Pancake Pick N Mix – Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I was delighted to be asked to take part in the Regis Stone Non-Stick Breakfast Challenge. I was interested in the pans ability to be used with no additional oils or butter as I am a Zero Waste Ambassador. I was asked to create my … Read more

Zero Waste help 2014

Zero waste week one more thing

So here it is National Zero Waste Week. This year the theme is One More thing. Well I already reuse my bags at the supermarket, compost , own a Mooncup, used real nappies, breastfed, have a soda stream machine; Last year I looked at my recycling habits and this year I am shopping naked! That is that  have pledged to do … Read more


Why Compost? Saves waste going to landfill. Saves money on bin bags – and makes more room in the food waste bin. Less trips taking the bin out. Attracts & feeds lots of lovely life which my children can then see. Less room taken up in my bins. Completely destroys any data on paper – … Read more