Pancake Pick N Mix – Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I was delighted to be asked to take part in the Regis Stone Non-Stick Breakfast Challenge. I was interested in the pans ability to be used with no additional oils or butter as I am a Zero Waste Ambassador. I was asked to create my perfect healthy fried breakfast and opted for a Pancake pick n mix.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

About the JML Regis Stone Range

The JML Regis Stone Range are revolutionary pans with non-stick coating, which eliminates the need for fats or oils. They are suitable for all cooker types (gas, induction, electric and ceramic hobs) with a scratch resistant rustic speckled finish. Available from £19.99 in sizes 20cm, 24cm, and 28cm. The special heavy duty 4mm thick construction makes them extra strong. They also include a special hybrid stone coating which allows them to conduct heat faster, so the food cooks faster.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

The Pancake Pick N Mix

Our youngest is a Sensory Seeker and very particular about his food. His diet is really poor and we try to do our best wherever we can to improve it. For breakfast he likes nothing better than pancakes. They aren’t too unhealthy as they are basically eggs, flour, milk and water. But then they are fried with oil – making them not so healthy. The idea of taking the oil out of the equation sounded really good to me – but I admit I wasn’t convinced it would work. See for me the secret of a good pancake is to get the fat really hot without burning it. How would a pancake even cook without the much needed drop of oil coating the bottom of the pan?

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

To make this breakfast even healthier I combined it with a number of other healthy snacks in a pick n mix kind of style. I find by giving my son options it helps to encourage him to at least try something. I had a variety of fresh fruits (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and grapes), a bowl of yoghurt and some mixed nuts and seeds (pumpkin, almonds, sunflower, etc – I bought a mixed bag). The fruit is quite a fast energy release and the seeds help to sustain levels for longer. I feel that the pick n mix gives a good variety of different textures and colours to the breakfast.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

We have also discovered that the orange juice we have been drinking is really high in sugar and have taken it off the menu. In a move towards zero waste I decided just to buy some oranges and squeeze the juice out of them. I have to say I was really surprised at how little juice came out of the two big oranges but the taste really was worth it. I am also assuming this was much healthier.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

JML Regis Stone Pan Verdict

I am absolutely delighted to honestly be able to tell you that the pancake was cooked without the use of any extra fats or oils. I was a bit worried about it just burning to the bottom but I had nothing to fear. The fact that there was no oil meant that nothing splashed all over my hob, or dripped down the side of the pan. A minimal amount of pancake stuck to the bottom – and in all honesty this is probably because I started trying to turn it before it was cooked enough.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

It really did only need a quick wipe down afterwards. I do not think it would have required washing at all if I had not been so eager to try to flip it over.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

JML Regis Stone Pan – Eggs

Since having the pan we have also cooked a Full English breakfast. As it was for a family meal (there are 6 of us) there would have not been room in the 20cm pan for all the food. We do not usually cook sausages and bacon in a pan either, opting for a grill pan where the fat can drip away from the food. However, we did fry all the eggs in the pan without oil. It was a bit difficult and the eggs got stuck to the pan a little when flipping them over. It did however cook them nicely without the use of any oil, and maybe just something we need to get used to. They are also suitable for putting in the oven. I have even seen that they are so non-stick you can melt plastic in them and they do not stick!!! Not something I intend to try with mine though!

I was sent a JML Regis Stone 20cm Pan and voucher in order to take part in this Challenge. The blogger with the most likes on JMLs social media during the week of 8th September will win a hamper full of JML goodies. All words and opinions are my own.

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