A Happy Mother’s Day

a happy mother's day

Mother’s Day is always a day full of mixed emotions since the loss of my own mother. Of late I have been finding life without her harder than usual (despite the fact that she passed away in 1999). But it goes to show that with the right support and attitude it can be a good … Read more

Mother’s Day Canvas Offer

four brothers

With just over a week to go to Mother’s Day there’s not much time to get a really special gift. So I’m here to tell you about a fantastic offer on a personalised canvas. There’s 72% off a 60cm X 40cm Canvas until Sunday March 23rd 2014 – meaning they cost ONLY £14.99 each! With … Read more

Hearts & Flowers Home Made Gift

hearts and flowers sand vase

Homemade gifts are so special and personal, plus let’s be honest what with Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas there’s only so many shop bought gifts you can give or receive. For me you really cannot go wrong with hearts and flowers. The idea for sand art bottle vases I got from a gift … Read more

Give Mum a Night off this Mothers’ Day

Here in the UK we have Mothers’ Day coming up (Sunday 10th March 2013). I know all too well the importance of Mothers, as my own died when I was only twenty years old (and my brother only 14). So I really do urge people to really make the most of their Mothers. As you … Read more

Mothers’ Day Will it Ever Get Less Painful?

Mothers’ Day comes around every March in the UK – marking an emotionally turbulent day for myself, and am guessing many others. Torn between wanting to celebrate as a Mother but equally mourning the loss of my own. I am very lucky to have 4 very thoughtful and loving boys (oh and the help of … Read more