BlogOn 2021 – The One Where I Ended up Sober in a Nightclub!

BlogOn is the extremely well organised blog conference by Laura (TiredMummyofTwo) and her team. It was originally hosted in Manchester over the May Bank Holiday weekend but this was the “Toy” version in Bracknell.

Attending Due to the Community

Hands up I felt that my boys are too old to be interested in the toys so only really attended so that I could catch up with people. As it turns out there were for a few interesting products there suitable for them. Also I doubted that I would learn anything new that I would actually use. After 10 years I am a bit stuck in my ways. Thing is not only did I put things into practice but I did it straight away!

blogon community 2021

Sure enough though it was the community that really made BlogOn 2021, just as it has all the other BlogOns. It was great to catch up with people but also to meet new ones. Also to just hear how other people have been getting on and be listened to.

At Blogon Wear what you Like

Turns out my evening attire made me look like a Minion (yellow top and dungarees) but when this was pointed out to me I just didn’t care. I have never felt more comfortable around people. It may have been pointed out a few times that I was wearing my Crocs too – they were just perfect for the whole event – including my morning swim the next day.

Sober in a Nightclub

I did think that I would slope off early from the after party as it was the first time out sober in the evening without my husband. But as it turns out I was having lots of fun. It was actually the first time I had danced (properly) whilst being sober since I was a child.

Hayley (DownsideUp) convinced me to go to the nightclub. Again I thought how out of place I would feel. But actually it was just a lot of fun. A lot of the BlogOn attendees had gone through, and even looked after our drinks when on the dance floor. Oh and the inflatables lol.

In fact I had such a good time that I did a lateral flow test when I got home. My throat was so sore from all the singing loudly at the top of my voice.

blogon cake

What you Can Expect from BlogOn

Of course it was also everything you would come to expect from BlogOn – great food including the cake – catering for everyone; accessibility, a great venue, superb goody bag as well as great, user-friendly sessions, a raffle and the Toy Awards.

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