Fourteenth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training Diary

This post is about what should have been week 14 of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. By now I had totally given up the plan due to an injury that just wasn’t going away. Knowing myself though there was still the possibility that I would run the upcoming Half Marathon, so I have carried on documenting what I was doing in the run up.

Gentle Exercise

On the Monday I just walked to the library and back which is around 4 miles. In the evening I went to a Yin Yoga class, there were plenty of hip openers.

candle at yin yoga half marathon training diary

Tuesday I was mostly just sat working at my desk. I felt really achy. In fact it meant I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to cook and so ended up walking to the chippy and back.

Back to the Doctors

Wednesday saw me visiting the doctor. It was silly really that it was face-to-face, as it was nothing that couldn’t be done over the phone. But since my Flexible Sigmoidoscopy at the hospital I have heard absolutely nothing. I did say that I have been in this pain since but he just brushed it off, saying they were unrelated. He has contacted the hospital to refer me to having the haemorrhoid removed (which was what was meant to happen before!)

flag seen on trip to the doctors

Finally Wednesday Swimming

Unfortunately it was the last swimming on a Wednesday for the younger teen, as there just aren’t the numbers. We of course walked there and back. My swim hat also arrived.


Thursday saw a return to the chiropractor. She told me that my legs and hips are still straight, but a twisted pelvis I think it was. The pain she considered to be definitely my bottom muscles. She did name them and tell me where they are but it went over my head. Three of them I think it was.

Then she worked on my left side where it hurts. She thought it would be a good idea to book a Float but not a good idea to try the 5K at RunFestRun barefoot. Only because I hadn’t built up any distance with nothing on my feet before.

She also worked on my neck and another appointment was made.


Thursday I went to see a Little Mix Tribute with hubby and the teen started work.  

Little Mix Tribute Act at he Roses Theatre Tewkesbury


The Saturday I got up early and headed off to RunFestRun. I jeffed a tough 5K race and took over 30K steps.

Whilst there I was convinced to buy a Big Bertha Magnet which is meant to help with the pain. I hurt that much that I was willing to give anything a go! In fact by 8:30pm we left Carfest as I was in that much pain and just needed to sleep.

Family Fun Run

On the Sunday of RunFestRun I did the family fun run and again a lot of steps. Once again we didn’t stay at Carfest because my tolerance of the pain wasn’t very high. I am not sure if sleeping in a tent again hadn’t aggravated that too.

Week 15 of Jeffing Half Marathon Training Diary

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