The Thirteenth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about what should have been week 13 of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. By now I had totally given up the plan due to an injury that just wasn’t going away. Knowing myself though there was still the possibility that I would run the upcoming Half Marathon, so I have carried on documenting what I was doing in the run up.

We had booked a short break away from the Monday to Wednesday in Devon. This meant sleeping in a tent, short walks and swims in the sea. It also started with the boys going on Quads bikes and ended in a Waterpark. The sea definitely made my pain feel less bad.

sea swimming half marathon training

Health Check Verdict

Thursday I walked with younger teen to town and back to get his hair done. At the same time I took a call from the doctors about my health check. Basically there’s not a lot they can say without bloods but she said it was unlikely to show anything up.


It was also the day I first saw the chiropractor. Said she’d never heard of what the other guy said and should be easily treatable in around 4 sessions. After a short treatment she gave me exercises to do.



Friday evening I was able to go swimming at sunset. Which was nicely followed by cake. There was an incident with a speed boat that I did not think was going to stop. Well not really an incident as such but made me think that I needed a swim hat. Ordered a pink one with flamingos.


Saturday was a busy day. The teen had gone off to his camping holiday first thing. At Parkrun I tried a 30:30. Hubby took his Nan to the opticians. Finally in the afternoon our younger teen met up with a friend and we walked around whilst they spent some time together. We may have also indulged into some tasty ice-creams too.

Clevedon Marine Lake

It was a hot Sunday and we finally visited Clevedon Marine Lake. Such a beautiful place. We usually go to Weston but this was much closer and nicer.

clevedon marine lake

Half Marathon 1 Approaching

As my first half marathon approached I considered that it wasn’t a good idea to do it. Unfortunately there was no deferring, refunds or transfers. Hands up I did a naughty thing and asked around if anyone wanted to run it as me.

I figured it would be better to ensure that I was fitter to run the second one with the teen. The one that ultimately we were training for. However, with no takers I still hadn’t decided not to run it.

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