Decision time on whether to Jeff Half Marathon with Injury: Week 20

Week 20 after the start of half marathon training and the last time to cancel without losing everything. I was feeling hopeful that I could get round, even slowly after last week though.

Monday my calf was rather tight. Tuesday I carried on with the exercises set by the physio, during which my resistance band snapped! Luckily I could just use another bit for what I need.

I looked at the offers for membership at the leisure centre, especially seeing as things were getting better. Last month it was free registration and a free month. Unfortunately this month is just free registration – and you are still locked in for the year.

The End of The Half Marathon Training For Me

Wednesday came and it was the last day that I could cancel and still get anything back. I had discussed it and discussed it. The thing was even if I did a bit to support the teen and then dropped out was my thinking.

But that morning I woke up in the most ridiculous pain and it just didn’t shift. I decided that, even though it was a small amount of money I would get back, it was best to cancel. This would ensure that I didn’t run too much because that decision would have been taken away again.

Glute Exercises

Despite the pain I managed to do the physio exercises. They aren’t a lot. Some squats with a resistance band, then with additional side steps. Next pushing a leg at a time to the side with the band. Finally tilting my pelvis up and stretching a leg at a time across my body.

glute training with resistance band

The physio was only going to treat me and my concerns seriously if I had listened to what she had said. The exercises are meant to be done daily but I hurt so much that on Thursday I just couldn’t do the exercises.

Half Marathon

The teen has decided to stay take part in the half marathon, not caring of his time. My husband and the boys were meant to be doing the 5K but only an e-mail has arrived about my husband. The 5K unfortunately doesn’t even start until 3 hours after the half either! Note it isn’t local either!

Cold Water

In fact it lead me to try cold water immersion again – putting I think 11 blocks of ice into the bath. Winter is definitely on its way as it was definitely cold and not just a straight lie down in the bath!

Saturday the tween had football and the teens were meant to go to London, so we missed Parkrun. Also I say meant, the younger teen missed out as he had a couple of positive lateral flows. His PCR came back negative on the Saturday night though.

World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health Day I went swimming twice. Once in the morning with my husband watching on the bank. It was around 15ish degrees, most likely less as my duck thermometer isn’t accurate. It was surprising how quickly my body adapted though.

Later on I also went with my friend and there was no shudder when I got in at all. It was dark when we got out and I was in for around twice as long. Earlier I had just popped my Dryrobe on whereas this time I did get changed.

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  1. It sounds like you are doing the right thing by pulling out. Hopefully the physio exercises will start to work soon and the pain will finally ease.
    It’s good to hear that your son is still going to do the half marathon though. Good luck to him!


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