Week 19 – The One with the Physio and the Dancing

Week 19 since starting the training plan for a sub 2 hour half marathon Jeffing. Since around week 6 though it has all been about getting well enough just to help get our teen round, as it is his first half marathon. This is the week I saw the physio and went to BlogOn.

An Improvement Week

This week I felt a bit better. Usually I make my boys walk a bit on the school run but lately the youngest I had been dropping him off closer. I don’t feel he’s ready to cross certain roads on his own and I had been in too much pain to walk with him.

But for the first 3 days of this week I had done the extra walking. This had put on an extra 3 miles to my exercise. Not a lot but it was a start.

Next Steps

Finally I booked the physio, still not having heard about my X-ray. To be honest I didn’t think I would even need to see them. Yes I was a lot less active but I felt I was turning a corner with the pain – it was much better.

Saying that doing the self-scan going from side to side during the food shop was still painful. So I spent lots of time pushing myself into my tennis ball to see if that would help.

Physio Day

Thursday came and so did my appointment with the physio. It happened to come at a time where people were panic buying fuel. As I needed petrol for the school run and to get to BlogOn and back I decided to walk there. I did around 4 ½ miles there and back altogether.

physio waiting area

For the first time someone seemed to listen to me about the whole hospital experience. She asked me about what I did and I mentioned that since the pain I had got a desk to work at. Then she told me that it wasn’t my hip hurting at all!

The X-ray had come back clear, but then no-one had expected it to show anything anyway. Nothing about it was really explained other than that they were happy with it.

Physio said it was a Lazy Bum

That actually it was my lazy bum (she said it in terms of glutes, and different muscles not working). Due to them not doing their job my back muscles were under strain and this is why I had the pain.

I did some exercises there and was told to do them at home. An e-mail with them on was sent to me too so I didn’t just forget them. Although they did involve using a resistance band, but luckily I had one at home.


The physio also said that I needed to exercise more. Although she did not recommend I do the half marathon, she agreed that she felt it wouldn’t make me worse, just hinder my recovery . That doing my exercises first would be a good idea. That rather than long distances doing this every day would be better.

As I was feeling better I did all my exercises and then went for a 2 mile run!

Although this day I had a bit of a run in with a couple of men on the school run. It aggravated my hemorrhoid which lead to lots of fresh blood in the toilet again.

BlogOn Exercise

Then the Saturday was BlogOn and I danced a fair bit, without pain. I got up Sunday morning and went for a swim in the pool at the Coppid Beech Hotel for about half an hour. Then I drove home and ran just over a mile and a half to support the ladies finishing their virtual London Marathon, just as they had done for me.

It all felt really promising.

Week 20

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