How to Save Money when Living in Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation is one of the most significant expenses faced with going to University. Let’s face it student life has always been known for living on a budget, but with the current cost of living crisis it is even more important than ever to save wherever possible.

Student Accommodation at University

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University years will undoubtedly hold the best memories ever. A great place to go to University is Manchester. A buzzing city with thousands of students from all over the world. However, the cost of living in student accommodation can be extremely high here, so it’s important to plan ahead. Manchester prices have crept up over the last years, so it’s important to save whenever possible. In this article we will discuss a few tips and tricks that you can use to save money while renting student accommodation.

Research and Compare Student Accommodation Options

First of all you will want to research and compare your student accommodation options. This will help you find the best deal for your budget before you commit to renting. You can use various online resources, including property portal websites, to compare the costs of different types of student accommodation.

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Student Accommodation in Manchester

Before committing to renting student accommodation in Manchester, do your research and compare the different options available to you. You can get more info here, and check out the prices for yourself.

Not only is this an easy way to start your search, but it will allow you to save money in the long run by knowing exactly what’s on offer. Renting next to Piccadilly will of course be more expensive than options closer to campus, so keep an eye out for general price patterns depending on the area. 

Choose a location that is more affordable

The location of your student accommodation can significantly impact the cost. For example, choosing to live in the city centre can be more expensive than living on the outskirts or in a less popular area. Consider the commute time and the cost of transport before making a decision. You can also look for areas with a lower cost of living, such as smaller towns or suburbs.

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Look for Shared Student Accommodation

Sharing accommodation is an excellent way to save money as a student. If you share a flat or house with other students, you will split the rent and utility bills, making it more affordable for everyone. Whether you have a group of mates already planned, or you’re still looking, there are plenty of tools to help you with this. Universities will often offer a buddy scheme to help you find your perfect housemate. 

Before singing on the dotted line, try to talk about personalities, cleaning rotas and general timetables with your future roommates. Being clear with house rules, cleaning schedules, etc can avoid arguments later on. 

Negotiate with the landlord or agent

Negotiation can be a valuable tool when renting student accommodation. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the landlord or agent to get a better deal. You can ask for a lower rent or reduced fees. If you’re renting through a letting agent, you can also ask them to waive some of their fees. However, be polite and reasonable in your approach.

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Use Student Discounts

Many landlords and agents offer student discounts on rent and other fees. Always ask if there is a student discount available. This is a great way to save your pennies and will come in useful if you need to buy anything for your new house. 

Consider Student Accommodation with All-Inclusive bills

Some landlords and agents offer all-inclusive bills, which means that your rent will include your utility bills, such as gas, electricity, and water. This can be a great way to save money on bills, as you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or splitting bills with other housemates. This is even truer with the rising cost of energy currently. It also will avoid getting cold in winter, so you can turn the thermostat up!

Be energy-efficient

Being energy-efficient is not only good for the environment but can also help you save money on bills. If your bills are not included, make sure that you turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them. You can also use energy-efficient light bulbs, and take shorter showers to reduce your water usage. These small changes can add up and make a significant difference to your bills.

Getting a smart metre can help you keep on top of your usage. Some energy providers will also offer cheaper rates at certain times. If so, consider putting your washing machine on during the cheaper times. 

Facilitates in Student Accommodation

Consider what facilitates the student accommodation has. For example, eating out can be expensive, and it’s often more cost-effective to cook your meals. Make sure that your accommodation has a functional kitchen and take advantage of it.

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You can save money by buying groceries in bulk, planning your meals ahead of time, and avoiding expensive convenience foods. Does the student accommodation have space to store extra food and a freezer for bulk cooking?

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Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to save when starting your time as a student in Manchester. 

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