How to Save Money when Living in Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation is one of the most significant expenses faced with going to University. Let’s face it student life has always been known for living on a budget, but with the current cost of living crisis it is even more important than ever to save wherever possible. Advertorial Piece University years will undoubtedly hold the … Read more

Laundry Advice for University Freshers

It occurred to me that laundry advice for university Freshers would make a really useful post. This was after our teen who is off to University soon asked whether we thought it would be more cost effective just to buy new clothes than to use a launderette! This is an advertorial piece. Luckily for us … Read more

Ultimate University Equipment Moving Out Kit List

When it comes to setting up a new home there’s a lot to think about. With university moving out is slightly easier as not everything is needed. Some provided, some shared. But still there’s a lot to think about and it can be costly. A University Equipment Moving out kit list can be really helpful … Read more

10 Ways To Save Money Whilst Studying a Degree

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This is an endorsed partnered post. Higher education doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to get a degree but are worried about the debts and the cost of resources, here are just a few ways in which you could save money. Look for a sponsored course Believe it or not – there are … Read more

Help when a Son goes to University

Help when a Son goes to University

It doesn’t seem five minutes ago I was worrying about my son starting school and now he is starting University! Such a rollercoaster of emotions as I (try) to let go and let him begin his adventure into the World. At first I left him to it – just giving him the odd nudge to … Read more

Letting Go now that my son is 18

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How do you let go a man you have spent half your life with? Because that’s what I have to do. Yes my son is now 18 (the age I was when I had him) and this year is planning to leave home to go to University. Do not kid yourself that September/October is not far … Read more

Bristol Entertainment

Holiday Inn Bristol Filton

I cannot believe that the time has actually come to think about our oldest son leaving the nest and going off to University. I am pleased and very proud that he has so far had 3 offers. One of the places is in Bristol and he is considering going there because it is more local … Read more