Rogiet parkrun Event 239 Great PB Course AND friendly

Rogiet parkrun what a super-efficient parkrun! The results were out before other courses would have had everyone even finished over the finish line! Yes by 9:50am I discovered that the man I managed to nip in front of was indeed over 70 years old!!!!

 Rogiet Countryside Park, Rogiet, Monmouthshire, NP26 3WF

Rogiet parkrun

There was also really quickly photos and videos up – I hadn’t even really noticed anyone taking them!

Parkruns in Wales

It was actually Cardiff’s 16th parkrun birthday but we have already visited there this year. We have yet to go to a parkrun in Wales that isn’t really friendly. Okay this is only our third but honestly they have all been so nice and this was no exception.

Things to Know as First Timers to Rogiet parkrun

There are two lots of signs to take selfies with, a tourist board and information boards about the area itself. There’s also a local map.

map of area at Rogiet parkrun

Unfortunately there’s not anywhere to go from the parkrun in terms of breakfast on foot. The volunteers did have things provided for a 50p donation and it isn’t far from the services – where we enjoyed our McDonalds. There are no toilets currently but again these are available at the services. Also on the way back to the M4 there are lots of lovely cafe options in Magor I have since found out.

No dogs are allowed on the course unless volunteering or assistance dogs. Obviously dogs are allowed in the area however, this meant that the volunteers had been up early to pick dog poo up from the course! Thank you for going above and beyond for us! It is also important to be mindful of park users with dogs as there’s not a lot of space at one point when people are going in both directions.

Parking at Rogiet parkrun

We parked right by the start – remembering to get a ticket to park for free. This does look like it could get quite full if you leave it to the last minute but generally this isn’t a massively attended parkrun and there are plenty of alternatives nearby.

first 3 hours free parking at Rogiet parkrun

We were greeted as soon as we arrived. Told about the tourist board and that we would be found for the first timers briefing.

Then the run director and other volunteers chatted to me whilst we waited and even found out my name. It is nice when volunteers use your name to encourage you it is one of the benefits of our home parkrun.

The young man giving hi fives as we went round was also great for encouraging me round!

First Timers Briefing

The first timers briefing was really clear on expectations and the course. We were reminded that we would be told again about the course in the briefing. If that were not enough, not only are there plenty of marshals on the course but also lots of helpful signs. There’s obviously one to let you know when to stop keeping right and keep left; but also km markers – letting you know which lap it is that gets you to that point.

keep left parkrun sign

We were offered a really nice warm up which I think involved some sprinting and press-ups but it seems that everyone was already quite warm enough!

The Course at Rogiet parkrun

The course is 3 laps and it is flat. Mostly on a path (compacted hard-core track, which could get dirty in bad weather) and tiny bits at the start and end on grass. There is the tiniest incline on each lap – you would barely notice the up it’s over with so quickly but it does give a nice bit of down!

finish flag at Rogiet parkrun

The start and finish are really obvious (which is something I do like to see before I set off). But I did particularly like the finishing flag markers to make it even clearer!

Jeffing at Rogiet parkrun

As a Jeffer it was a little bit compact at the start and I did run through a couple of walk ratios but think I could probably have started it right from the off. There was one point where I did have to hold back as I couldn’t get by without disturbing people but I didn’t actually ask. After that I was able to Jeff perfectly fine.

Pinkoddy at Rogiet parkrun

The sprint finish was a bit tricky as the last corner felt a bit tight. As warned the end was quite slippery – hence I nipped in front of the other runner instead of trying to stop behind as I feel I would just fall into him!

Still just over the magic 30 minutes but my fastest time this year.

Rogiet parkrun Event 239 Stats

Number of first timers = 1.

In fact it was the leader runner, Laurie Barratt – who came in with a very impressive first time of 17:03, who was actually doing their very first parkrun. Very warm welcome to them, am excited how far their journey may take them if this is just the start!

  • 101 people ran, walked, jogged or jeffed. The average course finish time is 30:29. For event 239 71 people completed the course in sub 30 – which is over 70%. The tail walker was not far behind in a time of 42:51. Incredible when you consider that almost 4% of those participants were over the age of 70!
    • This includes Chris from the Forest of Dean who has completed 545 parkruns! Lovely to meet you and look forward to seeing you again at the FOD!
Rogiet parkrun
  • There were 25 tourists doing their first timer at Rogiet.
    • Tourists were from Greenwich, Tewkesbury, Swindon, Thornbury, Wotton, Bath Skyline, Gunnersbury, Hastings, Cardiff, Burton on Trent, Gladstone, Chelmsford, Eastville and the Forest of Dean.
  • Of those returning to Rogiet 15 got PBs
  • 25 running clubs were represented
  • Milestones – well done to Vivien Davies on 25 parkruns and Moray Sloan on 100 parkruns. Plus Wendy Brady on her 50th Rogiet parkrun – congratulations.

My Achievements

I got my last letter to complete the “parkrun” challenge as well as the event number 239 (a shh prime), and 26 towards both Freyne and Cowell Clubs. I would have got a position bingo if I hadn’t nipped in front of someone at the last second either!

Rogiet parkrun achievements

Plus I wrote the run report so got a volunteer tourist credit too!

Massive thanks to all the Volunteers!

 Isobel BROWN, Stephen COMINS, Carolyn GRIFFITHS, Deborah HARRIS, Gillian HAYWOOD, Joy JACKSON, Helen LIPSCOMB, Angharad MELLENS, Chris J MOORE, John MUNDAY, Jennifer PASCOE, Nick RAMSDEN, Sophie SQUIBBS, Kevin STANIFORTH, Jarvis STEEL, Alan TYRRELL, Ben TYRRELL, Christopher VAN TOOP, Michelle WILLIAMS

Rogiet is 5.5m from Severn Bridge parkrun

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