Brunswick Park parkrun – Event 7 on the Alternative Course

Brunswick Park parkrun is a fairly near event, only on its seventh week. Located in Wednesbury just off the M6 handy for a trip to IKEA! We went along and did the alternative/B course. This decision was made after I saw that they required volunteers and that a tail-walker was one of them.

Brunswick Park parkrun

Brunswick Park, Brunswick Park Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 9QR

Location and Facilities

Getting there and parking was really straight forward. The “what three words” provided was really accurate. There are no toilets by the park but it wasn’t far to the shopping complex – where we headed for our McDonald’s. As I say IKEA is also close by. I have since been informed that there is one toilet if required.

parking at Brunswick Park parkrun brought directly there with what three words

Apart from it being in a lovely park, there’s also a skate park and play areas.

Brunswick Park parkrun Alternative Course

The alternative course at Brunswick Park parkrun is all on tarmac. It is 5 laps and is mostly fairly flat. With just a few little inclines. Maybe it was easier for me to say that because I was walking! Although I wouldn’t say it is a particularly PB course with all the turns, it is easy to overtake due to the low numbers and space to go round.

runners at Brunswick Park parkrun


The point of a new parkrun is to encourage more people to join in. From the results it is clear to see that people have started to attend due to this parkrun. Very well done to them and welcome to the community. However, Brunswick Park parkrun is struggling for volunteers. They also had their table stolen! Please help out if you can – even if it is for run and help roles!

Thank you to all the volunteers this week for making this happen. Especially as it was a cold and wet one. Luckily the rain held off during the actual parkrun itself.

Our thoughts on Brunswick Park parkrun

This week our fastest son decided to go around with his younger brother. My husband was really happy to get back to under thirty minutes and I tail walked. My friend also joined us as a change of plan.

the boys at Brunswick Park parkrun

We all thought it was a lovely parkrun. My only problems were not being able to hear the first timers and main briefing very well. The latter of which was because I was right at the back.

It was a nice friendly event, and nice to meet new people. Very well done to the man running in Crocs – everyone was also obviously jealous of his parkrun coat!

parkrun coat and crocs

I also met friends of Phil who started Parkrun Numbers Count!

Brunswick Park parkrun Stats

47 people ran Brunswick Park parkrun for the first time and there were 5 PBs.

Parkrun Tourists came from Aylesbury, Cheltenham, Coventry, Ormskirk Lancashire, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Stoke, Telford and Tewkesbury. I am also assuming Dudley too.

There were 63 parkrun participants; 32 of whom were finished in under 30 minutes. At that time the average finish time was 31:47.

The highest age grade this week was 75.30% in the VM 60-64 category.

First finisher completed in 18 minutes 11 and I came across at 1 hour and 25 seconds. It was really nice that there were two tail-walkers as we had a jolly good chat. This is surely really good for improving mental health.

Other nearby parkrun locations we have done include Aston Hall (6.4m) and Dudley (7m).

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