Aston Hall parkrun 13 – Helpful Information for First Timers

Unlucky for some but we were lucky enough to head on over to Aston Hall parkrun 13th event. Lucky because there’s been a few cancellations due to a lack of volunteers. Let’s hope it keeps on running because it is a great parkrun – especially for football fans!

Aston Hall parkrun Location

Aston Hall parkrun is located, as it sounds, at Aston Hall, Birmingham. Just next to Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa Football Club, which you can see on your parkrun. Although there was a match on that day, luckily we were not affected by football traffic. That is not something you want to happen!

Aston Hall parkrun

Aston Hall, Trinity Road, Aston, Birmingham, B6 6JD

Getting there was straightforward with our SatNav. But also we had a good idea where we were going. As much as I hate driving I have driven there by myself before so it isn’t that difficult from Gloucestershire. Also I used to have family live nearby so we also know where we could have parked if there wasn’t room to park at Aston Hall.


Again we arrived nice and early but there was still plenty of free parking at Aston Hall. You could also park at Tesco or on local roads. I did hear someone mention it not being safe to leave your car in the area. Honestly we have never had a problem in all the years we have parked around there whilst visiting family. There’s a train station not far away too.

parking for Aston Hall parkrun


There weren’t any signs on where to go and people were heading off in all different directions. Am assuming that some were heading to Tesco in order to use the toilet, others helping set up and others just exploring. However, it wasn’t long before it was clear where to go as we could see the Aston Hall parkrun/start sign.

Aston Villa Football Club view and park as part of Aston Hall parkrun

As well as nearby toilets there is also a small play area. This you do see on the parkrun course in front of the Villa Grounds. It has been there a long time and I have fond memories of playing there as a child!

Eating wise we didn’t visit the Rising Cafe as I forgot. We were heading to the crematorium. However, this charity helps transform the lives of those with drug and alcohol addiction.

It was actually quite cold so I wore a hoodie until it was time to set off. This was left on the railings. The bag with water in we left in the car as it was so close to the finish.

Tourists at Aston Hall parkrun

Aston Hall parkrun has lots of tourists and it wasn’t long before I started talking to them. Immediately I met Mickey who wrote the official run report. Next Emma introduced herself as the official photographer and snapped a picture of our boys.

We all took our selfies in front of the sign and questioned why it wasn’t facing the other way. A volunteer eventually decided to turn it around and yet more photos were taken.

Aston hall parkrun sign

I realised that one of the tourists whose photo I was taking for them was Imran (who has done 457 parkruns at 222 venues). He very graciously agreed to a photo with me. Actually several lol.

Briefings at Aston Hall parkrun

Even though the man doing the briefing was clear that he just wanted those who were first time to parkrun everyone couldn’t help but flock around him.

Tourists had travelled from Market Bosworth, Tewkesbury, St Helens, Warrington, Poole and Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent). There was also a quadruple Alphabeteer, who was commencing his fifth!

participating at Aston Hall parkrun

Then the start sign was moved and we all went over there for the main briefing and then we were off!

Aston Hall parkrun Course

The course is two big laps and two and a half small laps. This meant very few faster runners had overtaken me by the time I got on to my second lap. The finish funnel splits off from the laps clearly marked with cones and a marshal continuously repeating himself (laps 1 and two this way, finish this way). It was still a bit confusing maybe a sign would help both participants and the poor marshal.

Personally I checked with the lady before going up the hill – do I see you just one more time I asked?!

The course is a mix of path, grass, hill and roots (all clearly highlighted by cones). Personally I wore my trainers that are not trail but are muddy. The paths were icy in parts and quite slippery. The older teen I had suggested wear his trails and he wasn’t happy as in his opinion this was the wrong choice. In future I think I am going to get him to bring all his trainers in the car and he can decide when we arrive!

a couple of small hills at Aston Hall parkrun

Things that I felt were obvious to everyone else but me were that after the marshal on the corner after Villa Park you follow it back up the hill. There were two like traffic cones either side. Then that after the first hill there’s a turn left arrow but I didn’t understand where next – you follow the path.

Jeffing at Aston Hall parkrun

Jeffing was easy to do from the beginning. Actually I had hurt my foot so doing a 30:30 at a slower pace than usual. It was nice to hear some people I was yo-yoing enjoying the noises my watch was making,

When moving over to the second field you obviously re-join some faster than you runners (unless you’re very fast) and as a Jeffer this was a little tricky in some of the narrower bits, and where there are tree roots.

Jeffing Joy at parkrun

On the times when I was confused where I was meant to go I was so glad to go on a walk break – allowing people to show me the way! Near the end I thought I was behind someone but he went down the finish the lap before me and suddenly there was no-one again and I had to remember the way!

Aston Hall parkrun Event 13 Stats

Mike Nash came in with a time of 18:03 – he’d been before so luckily knew where he was going! Everyone after that was a first timer until we hit position 12 and then again at 16. In fact of the 116 participants only 10 had been before. Two of which got PBs!

The tail walker came in at a time of 58:06. 57 participants were sub 30. The highest age grade was 72.27% in the VM55-59 category – he was on a total of 691 parkruns!

At the time the average finish time was 31:42 and only 27 PBs in total!

position 13 at the 13th event

Our own son came in 13th position – which I thought was rather cool for a 13th event!

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