Post-Traumatic Thriving and How to Achieve it #Review

Randall Bell, Ph.D. shares their wealth of experience in not only surviving but thriving in Post-Traumatic Thriving – The Art, Science & Stories of Resilience. The reader is taken on an emotion journey as Randall helps explore what happens after a traumatic experience through the use of science and stories. I was sent a copy … Read more

Tova Leigh F*cked at 40

As a mother of four and turning forty-two this year I was interested by an opportunity to read Tova Leigh’s F*cked at 40.  The quote I was sent referred to being fed up of “just” being a mum is how I interpreted it and I could certainly relate to that. Thoughts on Tova Leigh’s F*cked … Read more

Maddie & Sayara

women's rights

No two people experience life the same but through the story of Maddie & Sayara Sanjyot P. Dunung shows just how different that can be depending on who you are and where you are born. A story of fate and hope, this activist fiction is a real opener and an inspirational story for people to … Read more

Omzak the Space Cat Warrior #Review

Omzak the Space Cat Warrior by Jaylen Grace review

I was sent this lovely Book (with a lovely personal message from the author Jaylen Grace; thank you very much and great pen) called Omzak the Space Cat Warrior RRP £10.99 for a hardback. I think it was for my children to read but unfortunately for them I got my hands on it first. I … Read more