The Adult’s Guide to Relaxation: 6 Hobbies to Dive Into

The Adult’s Guide to Relaxation is a commissioned piece. Nowadays our stressed and overwhelmed routine can take a toll on our well-being, leaving us in need of relaxation and stress relief. Engaging in hobbies is an excellent way to unwind and find a sense of inner peace. This article explores six hobbies that can help … Read more

How to Make Plain Short Crust Pastry

Short Crust Pastry can form the basis of so many different recipes. Including both sweet and savoury options. Ready-made short crust pastry is easily available in supermarkets, both in the fridge and freezer sections. But honestly it is really easy to make and doesn’t take that much time at all. About Plain Short Crust Pastry … Read more

Another Week of Home Education

mud kitchen play with dinosaurs

Again just another record of what we have been doing this week now I am home educating my youngest two boys. More for me than anything else but I hope that it is of interest to others too. Monday The 10 year old started the 11 plus course with Explore Learning late so had lots … Read more

Parent-Child Led Activities with Disabled Children

It is known that warm and responsive parenting is optimal for child development. A study* has found that “the parents of children with disabilities and suspected delays evidenced significantly lower levels of warmth and less frequent parent–child activities compared with other parents.” With studies like this it is always a case of the sample utilised, … Read more

Give Mum a Night off this Mothers’ Day

Here in the UK we have Mothers’ Day coming up (Sunday 10th March 2013). I know all too well the importance of Mothers, as my own died when I was only twenty years old (and my brother only 14). So I really do urge people to really make the most of their Mothers. As you … Read more

Chicken in White Wine Sauce

So there I was thinking that making my own white wine sauce would save me money. Erm no not really as a tin is £1.55 and this bottle of wine was half price at £5.49. Probably better for us, tasted nicer and erm lots of lovely wine left over though. The Original Recipe Ingredients: 2 packs of chicken … Read more

Strawberry Star Cakes

We decided to experiment with colour and flavour to the basic fairy cake recipe by mixing in the Christmas colour red, and then decorating with Christmas stars 🙂 Mix together 5 medium eggs 6 oz butter 6 oz self raising flour 3 oz castor sugar A splash of strawberry flavouring A dash of red food … Read more


Hibernation “Hibernation is an extended period of deep sleep, or torpor, that allows animals to survive winter extremes. Reducing metabolic rate and lowering body temperature enables survival through cold periods when food is scarce or has little energy value. Hibernating species usually work hard to build up large fat reserves before they bed down, and … Read more