Gender Differences Toys and Messages

Gender Differences Toys and Messages

Boys and girls are different. But you know that right. They look different physically – and that is even their brains. So why is it, that people are so adamant that they should be the same and what to ignore these differences? Yes I know that all girls want to play with dolls and all … Read more

Changing Perceptions: Finn

Lottie dolls FInn

Boys and Violence The toys that children play with and their associated messages play a crucial rule in social norms. There is no doubt that certain toys are accepted as being for boys or for girls respectively. It is long argued whether this is due to nature or nurture, but I think that it is … Read more

Gender Disappointment – I wanted a girl

gender preference

I am absolutely fed up of people telling each other how they should feel, what they should say and how they should act. Obviously the biggest, my obvious, issue that is much talked about is the bottle/breast debate. Making themselves feel better about their own choices they rant away not considering the feelings of others … Read more