Keep Your Love Of Health and Fitness Strong!

health and fitness

This is an endorsed partnered post. Something many people struggle with, is getting into the health and fitness habit and sticking to it in the long term. It’s important that you make this a lifestyle rather than just a quick fix, as so many people make this mistake. If you see health and fitness as … Read more

Keeping Your Mind Healthy Throughout Your Life


This is an endorsed partnered post. Our brain is a vital part of our body. It is the thing which controls how we move, speak, feel and who we are as a person. The brain is an organ which seems to be often neglected by people when they work on their bodies, and today we … Read more

Ricola’s Sugar Free Sweets

Ricola's Sugar Free Sweets

Regular readers will know that I am concerned about sugar intake – not only of myself but of my family. One of the biggest battles I face is with sweets, which obviously contain sugar. But Swiss Sweet brand Ricola has an amazing sugar free range of herbal sweets. They held a Sugar Swap event in … Read more

Self Improvement

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I did not wish to wait until the New Year to start being healthier and regular readers will know that I have already being making changes in my lifestyle choices.Besides New Year’s Resolutions are usually broken. What I have done is slowly change my habits – hoping to not only improve my own health but … Read more

Hallmark Hotel Gloucester

Hallmark Hotel Gloucester Turkey Dinner

About Hallmark Hotel Gloucester The Hallmark Hotel Gloucester is a great base for staying in Gloucestershire; just on the outskirts of Gloucester City Centre with good links to the M5 (and M50/M4/M6 from there), the Cotswolds and Gloucester airport. The 3-star hotel has stunning views and a lounge/bar, restaurant, beauty salon, tennis courts, gym, indoor … Read more

Improving Lifestyle in late 30s

Health improvements in 30s

I feel that maybe I am starting to grow up, or that I have maybe reached a certain age. Thing is I am starting to really worry about getting old and not being able to do all the things that I currently take for granted. I felt it was time to actually start having some … Read more

Happiness Inspiration #HealthHop


This week we received a copy of our youngest son’s School Sensory Profile. For the first time in writing he officially had Sensory Processing problems.  It detailed which areas and at what classification compared to his peers. He scored definite difference (meaning that his sensory processing difficulties were much more than others) in many areas. … Read more

Anxiety – Mental Health Awareness Week 2014

anxiety awareness 2014

Anxiety can present itself as a phobia, a state that individuals constantly find themselves in, or something so chronic that is can result in an inability to hold down a regular job or maintain long-term relationships with friends, partners and family. The six main anxiety disorders are specific phobias, social phobias, panic disorder, generalised anxiety … Read more