Community Litter Pick

litter picking

I thought I would share with you our recent community litter pick. We were given jackets, gloves and those litter grabbers and a big red bag.  We were even asked if we would go in our local paper! My 5 year old was under the impression that the organisers had thrown rubbish on the floor for us … Read more

Deciding when to Stop Having Children

When to have, and when to stop having, children is a big decision for any couple. It seems that everyone else has to have an opinion about it before, during, and after the decision-making – when it is nothing to do with them. The judgements, rumours and comments are unbelievable sometimes. I am imagining this … Read more

Motivating the Kids

This week I am thinking about how to Motivate the Children. My oldest has his GCSEs this year and all we hear is how his friends don’t have to revise lol. We tend to motivate with rewards. Whether that is with stickers We like to give them praise (yay well done you got it to … Read more

Peggylicious Books

How are you doing? My car broke down this week and I’ve had to do a lot more walking, in a lot quicker time. Ouch my legs have been killing me. I put some “deep heat” type stuff on – and it worked wonders! Food I’ve not done so well at though as it’s made … Read more

Magix Page and Layout Designer

There’s a lot of excitement around Britmums Live 2013. I think this is going to be a great even to help me build up my confidence a bit. I’m actually going to go on the train to London by myself – and I always lean on my husband to take me places – so this … Read more