Science Resources for Home Education

cartoon scientist and science resources for home education

Science is such a fun subject, the one I remember most from my own education. The beauty of home education means you can dip into whichever method of learning works best for that moment in time – so I have compiled some different, fun, ways for learning science. Practical ways to help Children Learn Science … Read more

Home Education and the Eleven Plus

two boys working at explore learning workshop

People home educate for all sorts of reasons but you may recall that our main reason was because our son was bored at school. He was fed up of repeatedly doing times tables and never feeling like he was learning anything. If I spent half an hour a day teaching him something that was more … Read more

Our Home Education over the Summer Holidays so far

boy climbing a tree with harness

Home education over the school holidays has felt a bit weird really. With their brother home the boys have seemed to do academic work much easier without fighting it – but I guess there’s also the fact that because it is the teen’s holidays the boys have also been allowed to play computer games more. … Read more

Home Education – Schools breaking up Week

wallace nasa outside Bristol Children's hospital

People have asked if home education will finish now that the schools are breaking up – well seeing as I never really have a plan and we are really just playing things by ear then things are not going to change. Of course the boys will still carry on their Explore sessions regardless, and the … Read more

Another Week of Home Education

mud kitchen play with dinosaurs

Again just another record of what we have been doing this week now I am home educating my youngest two boys. More for me than anything else but I hope that it is of interest to others too. Monday The 10 year old started the 11 plus course with Explore Learning late so had lots … Read more

Home Education Vikings Week

home made shields

If you are interested I have been writing about our Home Education Journey from the beginning. Not because I have to but I want to. I think it will be really interesting to look back on it and see how we grow and develop. I hope it may also be useful to others, but that’s … Read more