Home Education Week After I came back from Italy

forest school making a catapult

The week began on a Wednesday because I had been in Milan celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband and the boys had been with his parents. I picked them up and took them straight to the home education session at the library. This time it was about Medieval – which is good to … Read more

Vikings Home Education Topic of Study

home made shields

There are many different approaches to Home Education and we are still finding our feet to see what works best for us, coupled with a very relaxed approach to help deschool/unschool (I haven’t as yet learnt the difference between the two words but know they aren’t both liked equally the same). Trying to wait for … Read more

Home Education the Week after Germany

cheltenham science festival

When we got back from Germany we were so tired but obviously there was a lot to do. It started on Monday with a visit from our local Elective Home Education Officer. Now my county are really good at making it clear that we do not have to have visits or follow a curriculum. A … Read more

Last Week of the First Half Term of Home Education

boy with knife cutting a stick at home education forest school

I can’t believe that this was the last week of half term already. We started the week with a CSI session organised by one of the other parents. There were problems to solve and clues to figure out who murdered who! It was great fun and then the boys went to a birthday party (which … Read more

Our Fourth Week of Home Education

children under bridge

Bank Holiday Monday This week started a bit differently as there was a Bank Holiday Monday. The morning started a lot more relaxed and breakfast was really late. As soon as I woke up the 10 year old wanted to do the National Geographic kit I had bought home (I suggested he started by reading … Read more

Home Education – Real Life Learning

science group lego robotics

Friday Fun and Reviews Part of the point of Home Education is that the children are equipped with things that will actually help them in their later life within their community, rather than some of that pointless stuff they can learn at school. By this point of our journey more of that had to really … Read more

Home Education Socialising

home educated children at the park

I think the big concern a lot of people have is with worrying about the social side. My son tells me that in school they aren’t really allowed to talk apart from at break, and then they tend to run around playing something like tag, so they do not really talk to each other. As … Read more

Home Education Chill Day

cinema home education

The hardest thing about Home Education for me is what I guess is referred to as Unschooling. For me it is this notion that between 9-3 I must be teaching my children things (with the exception of break and lunchtime). I keep worrying that the boys aren’t doing enough (but people keeping telling me we are … Read more

Home Education Sound and English

sound home education

I am writing regular updates on our Home Education journey because I think it will be interesting to look back on, makes me feel like I have some sort of record and to be honest seems to be the only chance I have to blog! I refer to it as Home Education rather than Home … Read more