Thorpe Park Resort Perfect on a Hot Day

children playing on amity beach thorpe park resort

Thorpe Park Resort is in my opinion the Merlin Attraction for the big kids (that is those over 1.4m). YES there is lots of other stuff to do for those shorter than the magic height but it is the park you want to head to when you are tall enough. This can cause problems for … Read more

Thorpe Park Resort Annual Pass Sale and GIVEAWAY!

Thorpe Park Resort Annual Pass Sale and GIVEAWAY!

The countdown until Thorpe Park Resort is back open for the 2018 season is on with their annual pass sale! Pay for a day, come back for a year! With prices from only £53.50! Allowing you to come back and enjoy the fun as many times as you like all year long! Whether it is … Read more

Top Tips for Fright Nights at Thorpe Park 2017

actors at fright nights

Thorpe Park prides itself on being the Merlin Attraction with the most thrills – aimed at the teenage and above market, and this is more apparent than ever when it comes to Halloween! Their scare nights branded Fright Nights are not for the faint-hearted (the pregnant, claustrophobic, epileptic, asthmatic, those with a heart-condition – and … Read more

Thorpe Park Resort’s Shark Hotel

Thorpe Park Resort's Shark Hotel

There are many reasons for wanting to stay in Thorpe Park’s Shark Hotel which is conveniently situated inside the park. Whether it is because you want somewhere to crash without having to leave – making the very most of a two-day stay; because you have stayed really late (such as on Thorpe Park’s Ministry of … Read more

Thorpe Park Resort VIP Coaster Climb of THE SWARM

SWARM Coaster climb

A Thorpe Park VIP Coaster Climb is fantastic for thriller seekers, those who love Coasters and/or those who want to admire a fantastic view. We were invited to climb THE SWARM as part of our Thorpe Park Resort Ambassador programme and it was excellent timing with our teen’s 14th birthday. There was just one problem … Read more

Thorpe Park Resort May Madness 2017

Mates Rates at Thorpe Park Resort

May can be such an expensive month for families what with two Bank Holidays and May Half Term – why not let Thorpe Park Resort save you so money on entertaining the kids instead with their May Madness! This is why Thorpe Park Resort Annual Passholders should come along and visit this May – or … Read more

THORPE PARK Ambassadors 2017

This year we are absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to be Thorpe Park Ambassadors. We have previously had Merlin Premium Passes and had decided to give other parks a chance this year. Problem with that is our 9-year-old had just reached the magic 1.4m to go on the biggest and best rides. Thorpe … Read more

THORPE PARK – For thrill seekers

I guess it was inevitable that with 4 boys, with varying age gaps, that I would end up with a family of thrill-seekers. You may see that we absolutely love family days out to theme and water parks, already visiting many places looking for thrills such as Flamingoland, Legoland Windsor, and Paulton’s Park – as … Read more

London Merlin Attractions

LONDON Merlin Attractions with Premium Pass

If you are going to London it makes so much sense to have a Merlin Annual Pass as there is just so much to do there that it really will entertain you and save you money. This is also one of the really good reasons to have a premium annual pass as there are some … Read more