Bonfire Night – Fun and Safety

Bonfire night can be real fun but there’s also an element of safety to consider. Obviously the safest thing you can do is to go to an organised event. This could be one local or further afield such as at a theme park. But this is not always practical especially with young children, maybe a small affair at home.

wickerman fireworks at Alton Towers

Making a Bonfire

When building a bonfire you really have to consider the location. Make sure it is away from trees and buildings, in a location which is open but not too windy.

Geoffrey Counsell was charged with failing to ensure the safety of others after he ran a firework display at Taunton’s Rugby Club grounds, which was adjacent to the M5 motorway. It is believed that a large cloud of smoke from the firework display blew across to the motorway resulting in the death of 7 people, and further injuring 51 others. It is also important to check that no animals have made themselves at home in the fire before lighting. Make sure everyone stands well back from a fire – even at the organised event last year we found that the distance we were from the fire extremely hot. Saying that, make sure you wrap up warm, as it is cold in November especially when you move away from the fire. You may want to avoid it if you suffer with asthma; if not maybe not stand so close and remember to take your inhaler.

bonfire night

Craft Bonfires

If you don’t fancy going out, smelling of fire, or to compliment it why not make a craft fire. I have an edible and non-edible version. The non-edible more suitable for younger children – but everyone loves sweets right!

Edible Bonfire

To make an edible bonfire we used Curly Wurlys broken up. We stuck them together with marzipan and red coloured icing. We then took the orange bits from inside an orange Aero to place on the top. You can use what you like. Just gather something for sticks (Matchmakers would also work well), then find red, yellow and orange things to make the flame. I wonder how well strawberry laces would work?

Bonfire night fun and safety @pinkoddy
Curly wurly, marzipan, red coloured icing, and orange bits from inside an Aero.

Edible Sparklers

To make edible sparkles just dip the ends of a Matchmaker in some icing sugar. Then dip it into popping candy and pink sherbet. Again other things could be used such as edible glitter!

Bonfire night fun and safety @pinkoddy
Matchmakers dipped in icing sugar, then a bowl of mixed popping candy & pink sherbet

For younger children why not make a fire using toilet roll holders. Simply paint three empty toilet roll holders brown and let them dry. Glue them together in a fire shape and then glue on red, orange and yellow tissue paper in the shape of flames!

Bonfire night fun and safety @pinkoddy
Very simple: 3 brown painted toilet roll holders, glued together, and red, orange and yellow scraps of tissue paper glued to the top


When putting on a firework display consider any pets that may be upset. If you have a dog, then take them for a long walk before the event. Make sure that you have bought safe fireworks – look for ones marked with the British Standard Number. Remember to wear gloves when lighting fireworks. If you are having a small garden party use a taper to light the fire (usually provided with the fireworks), these do not produce a flame but rather a gentle glow. 

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013

Do not use cigarettes, lighters, candles, or other fireworks to light a firework. Again stand well back from where the fireworks are being lit. Never throw a firework, it is dangerous and you can be fined up to £5,000. Never go back to a lit firework – have a bucket of water at hand. Do not light fireworks after 11pm (apparently this is illegal – not sure what happens New Year or if that is an exception).


Sparklers are not recommended for children under 5 years old. They can reach temperatures of up to 1600 degrees centigrade and are even more deadly when more than one is combined together. Make sure children are wearing gloves and keep them at arms-length.  A child should only hold one sparkler at a time and they should be disregarded in a bucket of water.

21 thoughts on “Bonfire Night – Fun and Safety”

  1. Love the matchsticks idea! Not a huge fan of fireworks night to be honest – so many stupid people with fire and gun powder – accidents waiting to happen!

  2. lovely ideas, I love bonfire night! Will have to start on the fireworks related crafts with my lot soon, we still seem to be doing a lot of halloween stuff so far. I am quite scared of sparklers, as you say they do get so hot – I havent dared to let any of my lot have them as yet!!

  3. These are great ideas! If the holiday hadn’t pushed Nov 5 out if term time I would use these for a Bonfire Night theme in the classroom…love the Matchsticks *drools*

  4. Lots of great advice there. It’s one tradition that we don’t recreate living abroad, especially here as there are tight restrictions on when you can let fireworks off. I do miss it though! 🙂

  5. Some excellent advice here – we are lucky that there are always lots of amazing fireworks around where we live so we can watch them from the comfort of indoors. Our poor cat doesn’t appreciate them much though.

    Love the foodie ideas too – can’t wait to try some of them :o)


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