£9.50 Sun Holiday Devon Valley (119) Review

devon valley holiday village

Devon Valley Holiday village is in Teignmouth Devon (TQ14 0EY). We went to Devon Valley Holiday park as a family of 6 over the May Bank Holiday weekend on a £9.50 Sun Holiday. Over the £9.50 per person it cost an extra £3 per person for entertainment passes (which were worth it for the 5 of us but my oldest son didn’t use any of it), and £18.75 service charge. This is clearer on the website now, but when we went it said it was that cost if you had a caravan, and a different charge for chalets (we didn’t know which we had until we arrived and they wanted the money there and then).

devon valley holiday park caravan

We really could not fault our accommodation, which had its own allocated parking opposite. We had a massive three bedroom caravan right next to the facilities. In fact it wasn’t that warm but we were so close to the swimming pool that we went there and back in our swimming costumes. It had plenty of storage space for clothes and other things, including a coat/shoe cupboard by the door. There was a good-sized fridge-freezer, a microwave, a kettle, casserole dish, jugs, saucepans, frying pan, colander, toaster, and the usual cutlery. It was all very clean and tidy.

We had selected the park as I wanted to try a different campsite within easy reach of Splashdown at Quaywest. Our love of swimming and pools is pretty big – so we were disappointed to find that the on site pool was only small, without  any fun features. The children’s daytime entertainment wasn’t huge. There was a choice of some craft activities or playing on computer games (and only one computer so all the children had to take it in turns). There was the odd competition thrown in and the staff were very friendly.  I was disappointed in that my 6 year old went to play in a football competition and because the numbers were so low they got some older lads on the pitch to join in. As the competition was for a holiday they picked one of those older boys as the winner, despite the fact that he hadn’t entered the competition AND said he did not want the prize. For me this wasn’t about a holiday during school time that we would have never taken, it was about a six year old boy who had tried really hard (and I am not just saying that because it was my son) who did not even get so much as a “runner up” certificate. This game of football also clashed with an activity for our older son which was in the swimming pool – therefore he needed an adult to supervise. Not really a problem for us but would have been for a single parent. There was also a small playground area to keep the children amused.

Devon Valley Park

The evening entertainment was not bad for a small camp and the children really enjoyed themselves. One of the benefits of the site was that it wasn’t too busy, this meant that we did not have to get there early to get a seat. Dependent on your accommodation you were either a Zig or a Zag, you could then buy a hat and see how could get the most signatures with the magic pen. I was pleased to find that these only cost £2.50 each, not at all bad for a sun hat. I was also really impress with the child level soap dispenser in the club toilets. The smallness also meant that the children had a good chance of being selected to take part. I was very proud of My Sensory Seeker for his part, and being able to count to 4, not entirely sure how I feel about her reaction to him but guess he doesn’t look like his additional needs.

Overall I think this was a good camp if you want a base, or something small. Obviously it was extremely good value for money but wouldn’t be our first choice of parks in Devon.Devon Valley was a bit of a let-down for us as I had seen two friends saying about how amazing it was before I went. I guess it really goes to show that you have to think about what is important in a holiday for you before you go somewhere.

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