Shirt Subscription Box Giftcards A Perfect Valentine’s Gift Idea [AD]

Gifted Shirt Subscription Gift Box and Card

shirt subscription box blue polo shirt with gift card

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I am a bit of a romantic. My husband and I would show each other how much we love each other with grand gestures every day of the year. Of course we do in little ways – like telling each other that we love each other, making cups of tea for one another, and well generally just being thoughtful.

But I mean the bigger gestures – the kind of things that we used to do in our throes of romance that really we can’t afford to keep on doing now we have a mortgage and four children. So to me that’s why it is so important to get Valentine’s Day right!

Having no Idea What to Buy My Husband

The thing is even after coming up to two decades together I still do not really have a clue. I know lots of things he does not want. Or even things he wishes he had more time for. He even asked me for a new pair of trainers to run with me in. But now they have arrived and he has had them early. Trouble is he knows about them and they don’t feel particularly special.

Not Wanting to Get The Valentine’s Gift Wrong

My biggest fear is of getting the valentine’s gift wrong. Sometimes I am brave and try to get something without consulting him. More often than not though it isn’t quite right. For example I did my research and got him a Garmin one year. Yeah it wasn’t much good. I had got the wrong one and we ended up replacing it. This feels like I don’t love him enough to know – and that really isn’t the case. Plus I hate wasting money and contributing to landfill. Although I didn’t do too badly at Christmas with his Shakti mat!

Let Your Valentine’s Choose their Own Gift

Of course the solution is to get your Valentine’s to pick their own gift. One option is by making an Amazon gift wish list. Trouble for us is we share an account so the surprise would be spoiled anyway. Also I would like him to know that I have put some thought into it.

Why a Valentine’s Gift from The Shirt Society

The Shirt Society was just what I was looking for. They are a Manchester based new subscription menswear business offering premium quality shirts without the fuss. Members simply choose their first shirt, select their size/fit and how often they want their drops – every 30, 60 or 90 days. Or skip drops if that is what is desired.

shirt subscription steps

Shirt Subscription Gift Cards

In time for Valentine’s Day, The Shirt Society is selling its popular gift cards for 10% off…and they were great prices already! They can be bought with 3, 6 or 12 drops. Allowing your other half to refresh their wardrobe on a regular basis. Including free unlimited exchanges until they have the right shirt and fit for them. Available as a collared shirt, polo or t-shirts (which you receive two of) in sizes small to 3XL, there really is a shirt for everyone.

Shirt Subscription 3 drops Gift card

Why a Shirt Subscription is a Great Gift

I feel right now that a shirt subscription is a great gift for my husband as it can be something that makes him feel hopeful about returning to the office. I went for the polo as his gift box because where he works it is smart-casual. It also means he could wear it whilst still working from home without being too over-dressed but feeling a bit more like he’s “at-work.” But also wearing it when he isn’t working.

Of course the beauty of it is his gift-card puts him back in control on which type and fit he actually wants. Thus win-win in me not feeling like I got it wrong.

This is a gifted promotion. I was sent a gift box and 3 drop gift card to present to my Valentine’s.

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