How to Get in the Mood for a Run

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You may recall my previous post on How To Stay Motivated that Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting out for a run. The sun’s shining, you’ve got bags of energy; what could be better? However, there are other days when it’s the last thing you’ll feel like doing. Here is a guest post with some … Read more

Parkrun Number 50

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Exercise has always been something I considered important for my family. We have a huge trampoline in the garden (we have always had one since the oldest was young – in fact our younger two children had it like an outdoor playpen!), the boys have all had swimming lessons (the 11-year-old swims for academy) and … Read more

Should Children do Parkrun?

Should Children do Parkrun?

When we started regularly doing Parkrun one of the main reasons was to ensure that our children grew up with exercise being a normal part of life. We started with the Junior Parkrun which is 2K but as it is a half an hour drive away we managed to build them up to 5K. Since … Read more