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Have you ever found a lump? Being scared that you are losing too much weight? Losing blood? Or any other reason that you fear that you may have the dreaded Big C? Well my message to you now is clear it’s plain and simple – no matter how trivial, or how big GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR! Because if it turns out to be nothing then so be it – but if it is something then the sooner you receive treatment the better.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer to affect women with around 38,000 cases a year diagnosed in England, not forgetting that men can also are affected with around 260 diagnosed each year (source).


6 Breast Cancer Symptoms that Most Women Don’t Know About

Further help on symptoms and what to do if you find any.

Women should be familiar with their breasts – they change throughout the menstrual cycle, and check them regularly.

“The milk-producing tissue in the breast becomes active in the days before a period starts. In some women, the breasts at this time feel tender and lumpy, especially near the armpits.  

After a hysterectomy (removal of the womb), the breasts usually show the same monthly changes until the time when your periods would have stopped naturally.

After the menopause, activity in the milk-producing tissue stops. Normal breasts can feel soft, less firm and not lumpy”. Taken from the NHS website.

Wear bras that are fitted properly – go and get fitted properly! A guide to how to measure for a bra. and make sure you attend breast screenings when you are offered them.

Most lumps turn out to be nothing. Even if they are Cancer they can often just remove the lump. In rarer cases a mastectomy is performed – which is the complete removal of the breast. Followed by chemotherapy (tablets) and radiotherapy (radiation).


There are many success stories in the media of people who have had Breast Cancer diagnosed and treated

Sheryl Crow

Kylie Minogue

Olivia Newton-John

Jaclyn Smith

Richard Roundtree

The Nolan Sisters

Of course it’s not all success stories though but that is why it is SO important to go as soon as you spot anything unusual. My little brother was only 14 when our mother died at aged 48.

There is nothing worse, than to watch a woman you love have her femininity taken from her. Her breast removed and then the loss of her hair. Not to be able to be at the birth of her first grandchild because she was too ill from the chemotherapy. To watch her battle and fight. To take all the right steps – she never smoked, or drank, breastfed, worked hard, regular exercise, positive and happy, ALWAYS helping others. For the disease to spread through her lymph nodes, into her bones, and into her liver. To ending up in special care surviving solely on machines; that her 20 year old daughter must make the decision as to whether to turn off or risk her dying slowly and painfully or there being some magic cure.


So urge you PLEASE – even if it turns out to be nothing – it wont be a waste of time.

Have you had any experiences with Cancer you would like to share?


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  1. oh this is awful, I dont really check although i know i should, this has just confirmed it for me! I will now check and will continue to check too!

    What an awful decision you faced! There really are no words to say how sorry I am, no one should have to make that decision EVER!

  2. A tragic, emotional but inspiring and courageous story on dealing with loss especially of people whom we feel were taken from us too early. Appreciate your strength posting this.


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