Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game Smart Ass by University Games is the ultimate trivia game that you can win even if you are a dumb ass. As you can imagine even the cover of this game appealed to my sons! This game is designed for those ages 12 and up and is for 2-8 … Read more

Hotel Tycoon Review and Giveaway

Hotel Tycoon Review and Giveaway

There is nothing like getting the family together to play a board game. Not only do they teach valuable skills such as turn-taking, following instructions, how to be a good winner or loser – but it is also good for moral development and the strengthening of the family unit. My boys really love Hasbro’s Monopoly … Read more

Simply Ingenious #Review & #Giveaway

simply ingenious review

I do like games that do not take up a lot of room. Not only does this mean that I can easily store more in my house, but it makes them easier to take away from the home too; whether this is for a trip to Nan’s, a long ferry ride, or a game to … Read more

Discworld Ankh Morpork Board Game #Review

Discworld Ankh Morpork

 I was pleased to hear that Esdevium Games have two board games for sale from his favourite author Terry Pratchett: Witches and Discworld Ankh Morpork. It may be down to the fact that I’m not one, but I find it particularly difficult to buy for men. There’s only so many times you can buy them chocolate, smellies, socks and a new dressing … Read more

Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook

Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook

When it comes to Christmas my boys Lists to Father Christmas mainly consist of new computer games and/or consoles. So I really like to help them balance it back out by adding in some things to encourage them to interact with people again. Board games (not that all of them have “boards”) are a great … Read more

Rapidough #Review #Giveaway

rapidough review

We love to include a game as at least one of the children’s Christmas presents, as with them being so into technology we aim to encourage time spent as a family. We have built up quite a collection of games over the years, so were really interested to be able to review Drumond Park’s Rapidough … Read more