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We love to include a game as at least one of the children’s Christmas presents, as with them being so into technology we aim to encourage time spent as a family. We have built up quite a collection of games over the years, so were really interested to be able to review Drumond Park’s Rapidough (RRP £25); Which I have heard is a top game this Christmas.

rapidough review

Rapidough involves 2 teams in “Give us a Clue” style (do we all remember this charades game with Lionel Blair, or am I showing my age?) but with dough. Each team has a mat, cutter, plunger and pot of blue or yellow dough (be careful not to mix the two). Rapidough has three types of card, which tell the players what to model, for their team to guess. They are shuffled into one big pile before playing. Type 1 cards have one word on and both modellers must make the same thing. Type 2 cards have 3 words to choose from on, and modellers make which one they find easiest for them (so could be modelling different things to each other). We decided to just use Type 2 cards for our younger two children in order to make the game simpler for them. Finally Type 3 cards where the modeller must make the word written in their team’s colour.

I like Rapidough as it calls for us to play in teams, which is also a good idea given the age gaps, but yet lets us be competitive too! The game is for 4 or more players, but as it is ideally for ages 8 to adult it really means I have an excuse to get the older two playing (making us a 6). I think with us splitting into 2 teams, and the fact that it can be played without a time limit, means that the younger two children (4 and 6) can also get involved.

Guess too slow and you lose some dough!

rapidough too slow lose some dough review

To make Rapidough simpler we made it so that the teams took it in turns to model (instead of at the same time – and that they only lost their dough if they didn’t get it right by the end of the time, or the other team guessed what was being modelled first (normally you ignore shout outs from the other team). Although this makes it less likely that you will finish the game (as it will take a lot longer to run out of dough), it does in fact mean that imaginations, and thinking and fine motor skills are being developed.

The rules of Rapidough are very clear on this game, and there are some which need agreeing before you start – again you can adapt this to who is playing – such as whether you will allow modellers to animate with their model. Rules do state that gestures not using the model are NEVER allowed – but we agreed before the game that when my 4 and 6 year old were being the modellers this could be an exception.

rapidough review

The packaging is very appealing and I like how it all goes away back in its well thought out box, without the risk of losing any parts/the dough drying out etc. I thoroughly recommend this game for the whole family.

Available from www.drumondpark.com 

For 4 or more players, ages 8-adult

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I was gifted a game of Rapidough in order to review it. All words and opinions are my own.


110 thoughts on “Rapidough #Review #Giveaway”

  1. I love how it’s more creative than a standard board game and everyone has a chance to win, unlike some of the more trivia-based games.

  2. haha 2nd comment. I read the blog comment wrong. I would say it will be a great game to play at xmas with my kids due to the creativeness they can have with the product. looks like loads of fun.

  3. Its fun to see how everyone see things in a different perspective plus you can get alot of giggles out of this game would love one for New Years eve Ive got my two boys and nieces and nephews sleeping over whilst their parents go out and enjoy themselves but my house is where the party is.

  4. Because after the kiddies have gone to bed and adults have had a few glasses of christmas sherry it can get a little rude lol..so suitable for all ages x

  5. I love the fact its suited to all ages (with a bit of rule tweaking), having 6 1/2 years between my two children makes finding games they can play together without eldest ‘im bored’ moaning, or youngest ‘off in a strop’ being able to understand the rules.

  6. I think the game is a brilliant idea. It’s like pictionary but in 3D and how many games are like that. Most are two dimesional even when they are played with pieces.

  7. I have played this game before & it’s great fun. It’s a quick game so the kids don’t lose concentration! I would love a set for us to play Xmas day x


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