What’s that Smell?

whats that smell game

What’s that Smell? The Party Game that Stinks – but does it? When you think about something that stinks it usually means it is no good, but in this case it means literally stinks, but is actually a pretty decent game. About What’s that Smell? This hilarious fragrant-guessing party game from WowWee is designed for … Read more

Game of Things

Game of Things box

In this day and age it is important to ensure that our children are not spending too much time on screens. Therefore, we have introduced a screen-free hour before bed in our house which means that the children need to fill it with something other than vegging out in front of the television. This is … Read more

Labyrinth – Problem Solving Game of Moving Mazes

Labyrinth by Ravensburger is a game racing for treasure in a moving maze and available in Original, Junior and Star Wars. This is a really good problem solving game which tests your spatial awareness as you shift the pathways along finding the best solution to help you reach the destination you require for that turn. … Read more

Simply Ingenious #Review & #Giveaway

simply ingenious review

I do like games that do not take up a lot of room. Not only does this mean that I can easily store more in my house, but it makes them easier to take away from the home too; whether this is for a trip to Nan’s, a long ferry ride, or a game to … Read more

Rapidough #Review #Giveaway

rapidough review

We love to include a game as at least one of the children’s Christmas presents, as with them being so into technology we aim to encourage time spent as a family. We have built up quite a collection of games over the years, so were really interested to be able to review Drumond Park’s Rapidough … Read more

I spy something beginning with K

Aren’t they adorable when sleeping. This doesn’t actually happen that much with this boy though I tell you! But what K  can you spy? Now go visit the other i-spyers

I Spy Something Beginning with G

So this is the photo meme I Spy brought to you by Mum of One who will pick a letter of the alphabet (or chose someone to pick it) for us to I Spy with. This week it is G. For how I have been teaching G this week see here I looked and looked at my Eco cleaning book … Read more

Ispy a Snappy E

From this to All ready for a game of Eye Spy. So this is the photo meme I Spy brought to you by Mum of One who will pick a letter of the alphabet (or chose someone to pick it) for us to I Spy with. This week it is E. Why not checkout the … Read more