Halloween Spiders Creations

Money Spider - Halloween Spider craft for kids #Pinkoddy

I wanted to create something with the children along a Halloween theme. I started going through my craft cupboard and spiders just jumped out at me. Not literally you understand, but just everything I pulled out I just felt inspired of how we could make Halloween spiders – or friendly ones at that. See Halloween … Read more

Halloween Lanterns RedTedArt #GuestPost #MotivationalMonday

Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on Pinkoddy

As the days draw shorter and wetter, more attention is played to indoor activities. I particularly like having Halloween and Christmas to get the kids excited about. Craft is perfect for keeping them entertained and/or for making those extra special cards and presents. With this in mind, this month the Motivational Monday theme changes along with … Read more

DC Super Friends Magazine #Review

September 19th 2013 sees the launch of the new DC Super Friends magazine, available in newsagents and supermarkets for £2.99. It is a new Super hero magazine catering for pre-schoolers aged 2-5 years old. The Super Friends (Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern to name a few) feature throughout the magazine in a variety … Read more

#StGeorge’sDay Red Angry Dragon Craft #Emotions

Nothing says St George’s Day like a Dragon We have been doing some Toilet Roll Holder Craft because my son has a limited concentration span, and I’m trying to encourage expanding this through the use of routine. And also because I like recycling and it has been fun thinking of new ways to recycle them. He has … Read more

The Sad Giraffe

We have been trying to teach our youngest about emotions. Starting with the basics of happy and sad. Our butterfly craft we made as happy and so we made a sad giraffe. He also has limited attention and can be difficult to engage. As he likes routine, I have been concentrating on Toilet Roll Holder Crafts, … Read more

Spring Butterfly TRH Craft

Here is a simple Butterfly Craft to make with young children during the Spring. Great for those with short attention spans plus can be used to help with emotions. You can talk about symmetry or the life cycle of a butterfly too. Making the Spring Butterfly What You Need All you need is an old … Read more

TRH Craft – Chicks in Nests

Easter Chick in a Nest made from a Toilet Roll Holder I have been trying to help my youngest stay engaged in an activity a bit longer, so I am doing a series of Toilet Roll Holder Crafts (TRH). I’m hoping that the repetition and routine will help. We started by painting brown some TRHs … Read more

Easter Chick TRH Craft

Today we made Chicks from TRH (Toilet Roll Holders) as it is the run up to Easter. First we painted a toilet roll holder yellow, cut it in half and glued on a pipe cleaner as a beak Glue on the all important googley eyes Then some feathers Being careful that you do not knock … Read more

Elephant Craft from a TRH

World Book Day March 7th 2013 So there was nothing for it but to make an elephant. In the book the Elephant isn’t the normal grey colour. We could have done a multicoloured one but I wanted to keep it simple. The materials are simply a toilet roll holder (TRH), some paint, paper, googly eyes, glue/sellotape, … Read more

Toilet Roll Holder Craft Angel

Toilet Roll Holder Angels Simple Craft for Young Children  We made a face by drawing around the toilet roll holder and cut out the circle. Then we drew the eyes, nose and mouth on. Then we attached the face to the TRH with glue. We made some wings by folding the paper backwards and forwards … Read more