Peppa Pig World – Paultons Theme Park Review

Thinking of going to Paulton’s Park, home of Peppa Pig World? I say do it! It is more amazing than you can imagine and my four year old son has asked every day since if we are going back. so much detail, colour and so practical for young children. It really does provide a perfect … Read more

National Play Day August 7th 2013

Every Summer we all go over to the Park (some of us travel in cars, some on the bus) and have a fab fab day out, all for a couple of £s per child.  It really is a bargain as there’s so much provided  – and it’s all in the name of National Play Day. … Read more

Flamingo Land

If you can engage your child in activities that are linked to things that they are currently interested in, then you have a much better chance that they will learn. Our youngest currently has Global Developmental Delay (he is still awaiting an assessment to see whether he will be diagnosed as having Autism/being Autistic), he … Read more

Cadbury World – Birmingham

I’m sure every, if not most nearly every, child loves chocolate and so a trip to Cadbury World (if you are local enough to Birmingham, UK) is a must! We went a couple of years ago and, our then, 2-year-old wasn’t speaking very much, but his new word was chocolate (funny as our children don’t … Read more

LC Swansea

If you were thinking of where to go on holiday in the UK and what places you could visit whilst there – then I really recommend going to Swansea and visiting the LC (or if it’s within travelling distance – we made it a day trip but it was a long way to go).A couple … Read more

Christmas time at ThomasLand

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that my 3rd son (who is 5) has been best mates with a lad since they were around 2 years old. Recently his friend has moved away (last October) and so they no longer see each other. His friend turned 5 … Read more