Peppa Pig World – Paultons Theme Park Review

Thinking of going to Paulton’s Park, home of Peppa Pig World? I say do it! It is more amazing than you can imagine and my four year old son has asked every day since if we are going back. so much detail, colour and so practical for young children. It really does provide a perfect day out.


Our youngest may be a boy but that doesn’t stop him from loving Peppa Pig (and George with his dinosaur), and our house is full of pink Peppa Pig Supermarkets, Tea trolleys, DVDs, toys, – you get the idea. So when Paulton’s agreed to give us family tickets in order to review the park we were thrilled. It was a really good day out, even better than anticipated, and really exciting for our little man. We only took the youngest 2 children (ages 4 and 5).


I liked how everything was really clear before you even entered the park, such as a good chart that shows the height/age restrictions for the rides. It is worth noting here that a  6 year old child over 1.2m can ride on EVERYTHING if they are accompanied, and an 8 year old over 1.4m unaccompanied.


We only took our younger two children ages 4 and 5 so cannot say what the experience would have been like for the older boys, but I am aware that my boy who has just turned 10 and feels “grown-up” now may have been disappointed that there weren’t any rides that he could go on that his younger brothers couldn’t.


Also, before you enter the park, was a big poster with all the prices (it was also explained on the poster that you could re-enter by hand-stamp at the exit gate. ): £25.50 for an individual for one day; discount for 2 day passes, and family ticket prices up to a family of 5. We received complimentary tickets but for our family it would have cost £98.  Not only are children under a metre free, but there was a bar that you could measure them by. With season tickets being £92.00 per person but a renewal price of £84.00 – which not only gives free access to the park for a year (during advertised opening times) but 10% off in the Toy shop. The toy shop was very impressive, with an eco-roof and every Peppa Pig fans dream – with a whole range of wonderful merchandise. We came away with a lovely George’s dinosaur teddy.


At the gate they directed us to First Aid to find out what they offered for guests with disabilities. They were very kind (and patient, as my little boy wanted his band on his leg, but he didn’t, but he did, but he didn’t). As with most parks these days they offered a blue band for disabled visitors (they just asked for proof such as a letter from the doctor, we took our DLA letter) which allows them to utilise the Queue Assist Scheme –which allows them to avoid the queue and go through the exit, and up to 3 carers. Some rides had slightly different rules on carer ratios, but there was also a clear guide provided. To make this system fairer to other guests there was also a card with the rides on that had to be hole-punched – this meant that the disabled rider could only use the exit-pass once for each ride. If they wished to go on again they would have to queue in the normal way. The only thing I would mention is that the signs for the exits are marked “Strictly no entry” and so we weren’t sure if it was the right place to go – it was, and the staff were always very accommodating.


 The guide also explains that the entry price is the same for disabled as non-disabled because they do not wish to discriminate.


Everywhere was clearly labelled with signs pointing which direction to go, and maps available in plenty of places. The maps clearly showed about where to eat, and what they  provided at each venue (food wise), times and dates of shows, that there will be a new entrance in 2014, details of the new 4D cinema, mentioning the free WiFi – and obviously a map of the park – with again, a key to the rides.

Events coming soon are:

Meet Ben & Holly – Sun 11th August 2013

Meet Fireman Sam & Norman Price – Sun 18th August 2013

Meet Hello Kitty – Sat 24th August 2013


This really was a place where they had thought of their visitors, there’s nothing worse than going to a place designed with children in mind without thinking about their needs. It is the little things that make the difference – such as the extra lid on the toilet seat (making it easier for those toilet training/small) the low down sinks and hand dryers. The soap was a little high – but possibly to stop young children playing with it.

Paulton’s Park is well-known for being the home of Peppa Pig World and we had heard such great things about it – but NOTHING prepared us for just how AMAZEBALLS it really is! Our 4 year old just pulled us through in wonder, Taking in all the bright colours and seeing one of his favourite on-screen  characters/stories come to life right in front of his very eyes.


The environment really helps you feel as if you are in Peppa’s World, and inside Peppa’s house is a 3D life-size animation – you know the story about the pancakes?- and how Daddy Pig always gets them on the ceiling? Yep that one. Fantastic as Mummy, Daddy Peppa and George turn their heads to look up at the ceiling – drawing your eye to the pancakes stuck up there from Daddy Pig’s previous failed attempts!


Then there’s all the scenery that goes with the rides and surrounding areas – and it is all very well-kept and clean. It is very bright and there’s even real food growing, as well as flowers (obviously not in the picture below).


The rides that go high into the sky have characters at the top – so you can see them clearly from the other high rides.Peppa_pig_windy_tower
There are lots of Peppa’s family and friends around.


And if seeing those wasn’t fantastic enough there’s Meet and Greet times and we got to meet Peppa and George themselves!!!!!

Little man was so excited to show George that he was on the t-shirt he was wearing!

There are plenty of places other than the rides to keep the children entertained, in fact after soaking it all up, my boys went and got soaked in Muddy Puddles (which actually involves no mud you will be pleased to hear). We spent the whole morning in there!


There is an outdoor play area within Peppa Pig World – with different sized play equipment to meet the needs of different aged children.



There is so much detail and so much to do!


Out of Peppa Pig World, near the “big” rides there is also a bigger play area, with  a second water park opposite. In fact we didn’t realise and had put their wet swim clothes in the car, so they went in in their underwater as it looked too fab to miss out on.


My 5 year old loved the Cobra roller-coaster – which had me screaming and him waving his hands in the air!

See how I hold on for dear life, whilst my brave 5 year old keeps his hands in the air!
See how I hold on for dear life, whilst my brave 5 year old keeps his hands in the air!

His favourite ride was definitely the Magma, which unfortunately he wasn’t tall enough to ride alone – but my husband very brave/kindly offered to take him on (we are both not found of heights)


My husband preferred the Wave runner. Although we spent so much time in Peppa Pig World that we didn’t get to see all the other rides.


One of my youngest’s favourite areas was the indoor George’s rocket play area – also ideal if the British weather decides to play up and you get rain!


Another great indoor entertainment feature is the  4D cinema – in fact it was the first place we went where there was a showing based on Pirates. It was really good, the 3D effects really were 3D – coming right out at you, a good story, and fantastic 4D effects – such as the lighting/bubbles for underwater effects and the moving of the chairs. I wouldn’t want to spoil it any further but really worth a visit.

There’s also places you can walk around to look at, such as the animals to go and see – my boy was thrilled to see the bird from the film Rio there, and my husband loved the penguins (although we missed feeding time).


Wind in the Willows has so much detail, and definitely worth a walk through.


I also liked the Arty/grown-up feel about some of the areas around the park away from Peppa Pig World.


Of course one of our favourite places was Land of the Dinosaurs, which had a life-size T-Rex outside – so you can see against yourselves just how big it was!


The dinosaurs made noises and had boards explaining about them.


You may feel I have covered a lot, and shown you a lot of pictures – but believe me there is so much more – do go and visit!


If you love Peppa Pig you may also be interested in The Mini Malpi – Peppa Pig Live: Peppa’s Adventure post.

Free tickets were provided for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. So glad I saw this post we are thinking about going to Peppa Pig World in October for my daughters birthday. It looks fantastic x

  2. Great review, really useful, would love to take Monkey, it’s just the price that puts me off – wish they did Tesco deals!

  3. What a great review Joy. I know my girls would love it here they are obsessed with Peppa Pig, our youngest even has the toy version of the balloon ride, she’s only 21 months so I might wait until next year when she’s a little older and can get on more. Fab pictures and it does really make me want to take them 🙂

  4. That is a lot of photos from a perfect kiddy place. I have yet to read a bad review of Peppa Pig World, it must tick all the boxes for families. Great post and thanks for lining to Country Kids.

  5. This is looks fab! We are Peppa Pig fans in our house and I think both Peakles and the Teen would love this. Nice review!

  6. Looks like more than a day’s worth of entertainment. Peppa Pig seems to have passed us by, but your review makes me feel like I’ve been there! So glad your boys had a great time.

  7. I’d wanted to go before bit now I really want to go! Not sure about going in summer hols though (I still have luxury if no school interruptions!). Might go in sept! Going off to measure the pobs height…

  8. It looks amazing! My daughter still loves Peppa Pig (and so do I!), but sadly I think my family is all a bit old to go there. I’ll have to wait for the grandchildren 😉 – or maybe my baby niece!

  9. OMG!!!!! I am sooooooo envious. I so want to take the boys – they both ask me to go often! you have done a brillaint review so detailed and some wonderful photos. wow this had made me want to take them even more 🙂 xx

  10. The Peppa Pig bit is great isn’t it, we went last year. I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with the rest of the park but if you have a Peppa fan I think its definitely worth a visit!

  11. Fab post with great amount of detail. Sounds like you guys had a brilliant time 🙂 Must take my girls soon #PoCoLo

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park – Grace says she is too old for Peppa now…I’m not though! We went and got the disabled access as Ross needs it and they were really efficient. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  13. Ah, I love Peppa pig world. We went last year and are planning to go again in our holiday August. The water play area looks great. I hope we can use that this time (it was too cold and wet last year when we went). Looks like you had a great day out x

  14. we went this year too but there are things you’ve mentioned which we missed and never even saw! so may be worth another trip at some point. good to know about the access pass, we never asked when we went as the queues werent bad that day anyway but i had been wondering

  15. My girls world love to go to Peppa Pig World, thanks for sharing all these great photos, it looks like so much fun!


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